Friday, 16 February 2018

Golden Carp of Trio Prosperity by Mad About Sucre. Birth of a Chinese New Year Tradition?


I was walking past MAD About SUCRE and just wanted to pop my head in to say hello to Eric and team, then pop out again. But, Eric wouldn't allow that and insisted that I sit down for tea and a cake.

Then, this golden carp caught my eye. It's MAD About SUCRE's newest Chinese New Year offering. "All sold out for this year" Eric told me 😮


The Golden Carp of Trio Prosperity is the brain child of Lena, Eric's sister. Lena is a Le Cordon Bleu (Paris) alumni and highly acclaimed pastry chef. The latest feather on her cap - nomination for the World Gourmet Summit 2018, Pastry Chef of the Year.


Each Golden Carp of Trio Prosperity is hand crafted by Lena - requiring 6 painstaking hours each.


Nowadays, no Chinese New Year feast can start without a lou hei yee sang. Before the Trio of Prosperity Carp, there was really no symbolic activity to properly mark the happy closing of the gathering.

MAD About SUCRE created the Golden Carp of Trio Prosperity, so Chinese New Year gatherings can close cheerfully with a bang like fire crackers of the old days.

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As we break open 碎碎 the carp, we loudly wish everyone 岁岁平安 peace and safety for everyone at all times for generations. Go forth and achieve all things smoothly.

The Golden Carp of Trio Prosperity consists of three auspicious elements 👉


👉 The golden carp shell is made of dark chocolate with cherry blossom flavour.


👉 The golden carp fish is filled inside with balls of dark chocolate hazelnut truffles.


👉 The golden carp is set on a tile of dark chocolate with mandarin orange and Turkish lemon. Gleaming gold foil complete the auspicious dessert with a touch of luxury.


In the same way that no Chinese New Year feast is complete without starting with a lou hei yee sang, from now on, no CNY gathering is properly closed without breaking a Trio of Prosperity Carp together.

If tossing the lou hei yee sang gets Chinese New Year feasts to a flying start, Trio of Prosperity Carp is the smashing Grande Finale - starting the new year with a cheerful bang, and keeping it going on a high note for another prosperous year.

May I take this opportunity to wish you the best in the Year of the Dog 🐕

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Waze: Mad About Sucre 
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Tel: 6221 3969

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