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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Best Singapore Char Siew Noodles List @ Fatty Ox in Chinatown Food Centre ⭐⭐⭐⭐

So I was doing my thing, roaming around Singapore's Chinatown food centre, taking pictures here and there as I went. Exchanged Chinese New Year greetings with Fatty Ox boss Mr Cheung and he offered me a piece of his char siew. "Freshly roasted, try, still hot, be careful" the friendly stall boss said as he cut me a sampling joint 😄

Tam chiak lah, try one piece lah.... . I was hooked immediately and ordered myself a plate of Fatty Ox's char siew mee.

Char siew mee cannot be simpler than this - just egg noodles, a few obligatory greens slathered with straight-out-of-the-bottle oyster sauce and Fatty Ox's char siew. That's all it takes for one of Singapore's best char siew noodles in my humble opinion.

The char siew made with fresh 不見天 "arm pit" cut with tender lean meat and good distribution of fat.

The juicy joint of char siew had a slight char outside at the edges which gave it a subtle toasty taste. The tender roast meat tasted gently savoury sweet which comes in layers. I especially enjoyed the honey sweetness layered on top of subtle natural porky sweetness.

I was so overwhelmed by Fatty Ox's char siew that the noodles almost felt redundant 😂

But, the noodles were actually nicely done too. The texture was just right - tender with a light spring. The oyster sauce, aromatic oil blend was just sufficient to make the noodles slurpy delicious without competing with the char siew for our attention 😄

Cheung who came to Singapore from Hong Kong in the 1970s to work as a chef, is a master of so many dishes. He is best known for his Hong Kong style roasts, beef stew, soya sauce chicken, and during Chinese New Year, his Poon Choy 盆菜 and Fatt Tiu Cheong 佛跳墙.

Fanboy mode. Couldn't resist a wefie with the master even though my skills cannot make it.

4-Star (out of 5). You don't have to go to Michelin badged restaurants to indulge in top notch Hong Kong style char siew. Get it at Fatty Ox in Chinatown food centre. Your wallet and especially your taste buds will thank you for it 😄

Fatty Ox's beef brisket and tendon noodles 👈 click

Fatty Ox's soya sauce chicken noodles 👈 click

Restaurant name: Fatty Ox HK Kitchen 肥牛過橋面檔Address: Blk 335, Smith Street #02-84, Chinatown Food Complex, Singapore 050335 (Green zone)
GPS: 1°16'57.7"N 103°50'34.4"E | 1.282705, 103.842889
Waze: Chinatown Complex
Tel: 9638 5345 
Hours: 7:30am to 12:00 noon (Mon and Tues off)  

Non Halal  

Date visited: 27 Feb 2018

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