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Thursday, 8 March 2018

Old Amoy Chendol. Chinatown Complex Food Centre Yellow Zone


The newly opened Old Amoy Chendol stall in Chinatown Complex Food Centre generated quite a lot of buzz in the old hawker centre. Several people tipped me off to it. Thank you 😃 (Keep your tips coming 😉 )


Old Amoy Chendol is located in the Yellow Zone at stall #02-008. Old Amoy Chendol represents the new stalls that move into Chinatown Complex Food Centre which was opened in 1983 to house the street hawkers that used to operate around Kreta Ayer. (Forty years on, very few of the original stalls are left.)


The chendol stall is staffed by 玉蘭姐. She used to be a hawker boss herself running a kway chap stall and then working for a dessert stall before joining new startup Old Amoy Chendol. Friendly 玉蘭姐 serves chendol with the deftness of a seasoned hawker.


Each serving of chendol costs $2.

It's a small mound of shaved ice sitting in a porcelain bowl of coconut milk, topped with mushy boiled red bean mash and green pandan "worms" which are dressed with caramelised palm sugar.


I like it that the pandan "worms" are real - made with pandan leaf juice and mung bean flour. The "worms" were like soft rice noodles (lo shi fun 老鼠粉) with a subtle pandan flavour and aroma. This is great as real pandan "worms" are hard to come by in Singapore as most stalls use factory made plasticky "worms" that contain synthetic colour and flavours.

The red beans were boiled till they softened into a pasty mash. I like the taste of red bean sweetness and glad that the mash was not overly sweet.

The coconut milk and palm sugar were relatively mild tasting and its aroma was rather slight. Personally, I like my coconut milk creamier and sweeter. The same for palm sugar syrup - I like more body and more pungent aroma.

When I was at the stall, a gentleman asked 玉蘭姐 to put less coconut milk and less palm sugar in his bowl. I guess the trend in Singapore is tending towards "healthier" choice. The country is "at war with diabetes" 😂


👉 All of my friends who have tried Old Amoy Chendol enjoyed it and strongly recommend it. It's a good dessert if you are in Chinatown Complex.

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Restaurant name: Old Amoy Chendol
Address: Blk 335, Smith Street #02-008, Chinatown Food Complex, Singapore 050335 (Yellow zone)  
GPS: 1°16'57.7"N 103°50'34.4"E | 1.282705, 103.842889  
Waze: Chinatown Complex  
Tel: 8748 7590
Hours: 10:30am to 6:30pm

No pork, no lard, no Halal cert

Date visited: 1 Mar 2018

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