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Ah Lee Taiping Famous Kuih Cafe in Taman Sentosa Johor Bahru 亜利太平糕

Buddy Jeff mentioned Ah Lee Taiping Famous Kuih to me before but I couldn't find them at their old address at Sri Tebrau Hawker Centre. Yesterday, buddy KC alerted me that Ah Lee Taiping Famous Kuih is now in Taman Sentosa, a few shops away from Ah Koong (fishball noodle shop popular with Singaporeans). Lost & Found - it's good to have JB foodie buddies 😄

Ah Lee Taiping Famous Kuih is set up like a contemporary pastry shop - a far cry from the traditional hawker stall when they were at the gritty old Sri Tebrau Hawker Centre. I call this a Teochew kueh cafe.

Summer 李麗婷 runs Ah Lee Taiping Famous Kuih with her mum and a few workers.

Summer's dad Mr. Lee 李添好 founded the kueh stall in Sri Tebrau Hawker Centre, hence the name Ah Lee Taiping Kuih. Mr. Lee and wife ran the stall together since 1976. Selling hand made kueh at RM0.70 a piece, the Lees managed to send their four children to university (even overseas). When Mr. Lee passed on in 2014, Mrs. Lee had to run the stall alone - it was a heavy burden, physically and emotionally.

Summer who is an University of South Australia trained accountant, decided to leave her 6 year corporate career in Singapore to support her mum and keep her late dad's humble kueh stall, his legacy alive. Summer had been helping out at her parents' stall since she was in primary three (elementary grade 3).

Now, Summer and her mum come to the shop at 5am to make the kueh, to be ready to serve customers at 11am. It was the same routine when they were at Sri Tebrau Hawker Centre.

Nothing fanciful or gimmicky here. They're just traditional, heritage kueh lovingly handmade in the morning, so that we can eat fresh comforting old school kueh before noon.

In this new location, Ah Lee Taiping Famous Kuih Cafe has built up a new customer base and their Sri Tebrau regulars are also finding their way back to them.

Thirty five types of kueh, all freshly handmade at the shop, the same morning - many are still going at RM0.90 a piece.

There's a mix of savoury and sweet kueh.

I chose a small selection of savouries for my light brunch. All these for RM5.50.

All nice, the taste of tradition. Flavours are mild, so I can taste the natural flavour of the fresh ingredients. For example, Summer uses only freshly pressed coconut milk in her kueh - never packet santan or evaporated milk.

Ah Lee Taiping Famous Kuih is also well known for their meat dumplings 肉粽 - shall check these out next time (Many readers asked me where to get good bak chang in JB).

👉 If you are running around JB, Ah Lee Taiping Famous Kuih is a comfortable place to hide out and cool your heels for a while. Door step parking is plentiful here. You can also tabao (take away) some kueh from here. The bulk of Ah Lee Taiping Kuih's business are take aways.

Restaurant nameAh Lee Taiping Famous Kuih 亜利太平糕
Address20, Jalan Baldu 5, Taman Sentosa, 80150 Johor Bahru, Johor (same row of shops between Ah Koong Fishball Noodle and Pekin Restaurant)
GPS1°29'36.4"N 103°47'01.6"E | 1.493430, 103.783787
Waze: Ahlee Taiping Kuih
Tel012 505 5100
Hours: 11:00am - 6:00pm (but popular kueh sold out around 3pm) (Mon & Tues off)

Non Halal

Date visited: 12 Aug 2018

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