Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Chicken and Mushroom Pizza @ George and Dragon Café in Johor Premium Outlets (JPO)

My family have always wanted to shop at the recently opened Johor Premium Outlets and I always wanted to try out JB’s long established English restaurant, George and Dragon Café.

So when I heard that George and Dragon has opened a branch in JPO, I have no further excuse to delay any further J

We headed to the JPO via the North South Highway from the Woodlands-JB causeway link. (The North South Highway is now conveniently linked to the Johor CIQ via the Eastern Dispersal Link or EDL).
After heading north (towards Kuala Lumpur) for about 30 minutes on the North South Highway, look out for the prominent JPO buildings on your right – ask your passengers to help you J Once you see the JPO buildings, exit left at the next exit which is Exit 253.

After exiting the Exit 253 toll gate, go straight ahead for about 1 minute and exit the first left. Next, stay on this stretch of straight road for another 3 minutes and exit the next left (Exit 304).

About 3 more minutes later you will see the signs (Exit 302A) pointing you to the JPO.

The Johor Premium Outlets (JPO) is a sprawling shopping complex built on Genting plantation land. The Mediterranean themed JPO is laid out following the design of similar complexes in the United States. Many brands are represented here, and many more will follow when the next phase of JPO is opened.

The Food and Beverage outlets here include a large food court named Food Channel, several coffee and fast food franchises, and a handful of mid-range restaurants.

For my maiden visit, I opted for the George and Dragon Café here J

Look out for this tall and handsome knight's armour standing guard at the shop front of George and Dragon.


I am very impressed with the careful thought and great effort put in to create the distinctive medieval ambiance of the café. The signature décor of George and Dragon blends very well with the stone walls of the Mediterranean themed Johor Premium Outlets.

George and Dragon Café is famous for its Angus steaks, pizzas, pasta, and desserts, especially their traditional English scones.

For my first visit, I ordered their Chicken and Mushroom Pizza and asked for the thin crust.

Isn’t this pizza pretty J The delicious pizza came topped with a tomato and cheese based bright red sauce with diced chicken and mushrooms. The cheese was just right for me – not too rich and not oily. The crust was crispy at the fringes and softer towards the centre – many people like it this way though personally I prefer my crust crispy throughout J

LOL, I am sure this is only my first trip to JPO and there will be many more obligatory visits to come with pestering family and friends J 

Next time, I will try the much heralded Angus steaks at George and Dragon J

This is Peggy Loh's take on George and Dragon at JPO.

Restaurant name: George and Dragon Café
Address: Johor Premium Outlet, Indahpura, Johor
Map: http://g.co/maps/r2j79
GPS: 1.601649,103.621823
No Pork, No Lard, No Halal Cert

Date visited: 9 April 2012


  1. eh mister... is this place halal or non-halal? as need to find somewhere for my Mat Saleh hubby to makan when he gets cravings for things British ;)

  2. i thought they are halal? you can see malay in the background too..i ate once at their taman tasek outlet before and was told it's halal..hmmm

  3. I understand that they are pork free but I need to double check if they are certified Halal.

  4. Pork and lard free but if still got wine and beers served, it not anywhere near a halal status. Even if a micron of wine got into those food, it will directly turn it directly from halal to non-halal. And those meat, those livestock must be slaughtered properly by the islamic way, only then those meat will be 'halal'. Halal does'nt mean 'no pork'. Halal means truly clean and blessed by Allah. The lady with 'tudung' or hijjab doesnt know it and maybe she does'nt want to know or care anyway.

  5. maybe she doesn't know. stop being judgmental.


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