Thursday, 5 April 2012

Salt Baked Chicken 鹽焗雞 @ Tapai Tang Restaurant in Taman Melodies, Johor Bahru

The signature dish in Tapai Tang restaurant is their salt baked kampung chicken 鹽焗雞.

Tapai Tang uses kampung (free range) chicken, so it is lean and has little, if any body fat.

The complex blend of flavours of this exquisite salt baked chicken is all very subtle, delicate and mild. When the neatly arranged chicken arrived at the table, there was a gentle herbal aroma of Chinese herbs. Don't let the name "salt baked chicken" worry you - when we bite into the tender, juicy chicken flesh, it was only suggestively salty. Chewing into the moist flesh, our taste buds were treated to the chicken’s natural sweetness.

Dipping the bite sized chicken pieces into the tangy hot chili sauce enhances the taste for those who like more spiciness in their meal.

Personally, I prefer to savour the natural sweetness of the chicken and the mild hints of saltiness from the traditional baking process.

This unique taste can be achieved only when the salt baked chicken is cooked using the old, tedious method i.e. the chicken marinated in herbs and spices is wrapped in layers of parchment paper and buried in a heap of coarse rock salt, and then baked. The alternative (short cut) method is to simply marinate the chicken in brine (salty water) and then bake it. I don't know what the alternative tastes like as I have never tried it before and I won’t be wasting any calories to find out ;P

I will definitely be back for Tapai Tang’s salt baked kampung chicken as well as their other famous dishes such as its fried tofu and fried spinach.

Restaurant name: Restoran Tapai Tang 鹽焗雞
Address: 128, Jalan Chengai, Taman Melodies, Johor Bahru
GPS: 1.495199,103.765279
Hours: 10:00am to 4:00am daily
Non Halal

Date visited: 29 Mar 2012


  1. in fact, the salted chicken look really good!

  2. ;D it tastes as good as it looked. Thank you for following my blog ;D

  3. Hi Bro JK, thanks for the recommendation. I tried it on Tues. It's just too much protein for one person. Luckily, I am a big eater so I walloped the entire chicken plus one plate of rice and a drink. All in is slightly more than RM24.

  4. LOL Mike, you are a foodie!! ;D

  5. Went there today at around 9.30am, place was closed . it is nothing operating on 24 hours.

  6. Was told that they operate from 10am - 4am. They sell the salted chicken for RM22 per bird. I prefer their version compared to Q Chicken (which is also pretty good) as the taste is more robust.


    1. Thanks for the info JoeP. It seems they have changed their business hours. I have adjusted accordingly.

  7. Seetoh (Makansutra) mentioned in one of his articles about salt baked chicken produced by a Mr CK Ong in the same area as TT which is very tasty. Didn't have a chance to try it yet as he doesn't cater to walk-in customers. Wonder whether they get their supply from him?

    1. Good question. I hope to try Mr Ong's soon :)

  8. The contact info that was given in Seetoh's article:

    Salt Baked Chicken
    61, Jalan Chengai, Melodies Garden
    Call Mr CK Ong (one day advance take out order required - safer to call 2 days in advance)
    Tel: +6012 7095566

    Mr Ong's website:

    1. Thank you so much. This is very helpful.

  9. This place is a rip off. Salted egg crabs (2 crabs) cost us RM 160 and the coconut drink was RM 9 each. Ridiculous!

  10. Food fine. Service need a lot improvement. That day we got 6 persons dinning. we order 4 dishes, vege, 2 big crab, vinegar pork leg, tofu.
    the story begin... before our crab is coming the remaining 3 dishes we had finish out I plan to order some dishes while waiting for the crab to come, wave hand and one of the female worker (Chinese) attend us. I asked her we need to add one more dishes and few plain rice, she reply us "why don't you just now order, you know now you order need to wait very long" repeat 3 times to us. Oh may be she thought we just order cheap dishes look down on us. bcos that time tofu,vege,vinegar pig leg just finish out she thought we 6 persons eat only this. ask her to add one more dishes she keep repeat why don't u order early :( then finally the crab just came I told her now no need to add dishes just give up a plain rice will do. Realistic Restaurant

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