Thursday, 12 April 2012

Pork Knuckles @ The Bierhaus in Taman Johor Jaya, Johor Bahru

Pork knuckles is one of my favourite dishes. So when I heard about The Bierhaus in Taman Johor Jaya, I immediately made up my mind to pay it a visit.

The German pub is tucked in a cosy corner of Damian Bowl Complex along Jalan Dedap 3. I simply love the unpretentious, convivial ambiance here. The clientele is relaxed, cheerful and seemed to be very familiar with each other and the friendly staff. The pub was filled on a Monday evening with people having dinner, drinking, chatting happily or playing pool.

The bar is well stocked with all kinds of local and imported beers as well as wines, whiskies and other liquor.

They even have a brightly lit family dining area outside the bar to cater for families with children who want a good German meal.  

Crispy pork knuckles for RM49

The crispy pork knuckle is indeed crackly, crispy. The crackly skin is my favourite part of pork knuckles. The fats were still juicy while the lean meat was relatively dryer. Taste wise, it felt subtly salty and was lightly flavoured. Dipping the meat in the three different types of sauces (traditional BBQ, tangy Thai spicy chili and a pineapple based dip) helped boosted the meat’s slight flavour. Chili sauce in a large squeeze bottle was also provided.
Buttered French beans for RM6

The buttered French beans were excellent. Crunchy fresh beans with rich butter fragrance and taste – so simple, yet so nice!

I really love the friendly ambiance and cheerful banter here at The Bierhaus and would definitely be back for the other traditional German offerings on their menu, especially their Guinness pork knuckle J

Restaurant name: The Bierhaus
Address: The Damian Bowl, Jalan Dedap 3, Taman Johor Jaya
GPS: 1.544979, 103.801478
Hours: to
Non Halal

Date visited: 9 April 2012


  1. for just RM49!? That is so cheap! Can't find this type of price in Singapore.

  2. Looks good! You may want to try the one at Blk 416 Bedok North Ave 2, #01-53, Western Food 85. The knuckle is boiled for hours before deep fried, very moist inside with little fat layer, but crackling crispy on the outside. Call before you come so he can reserve for you, 9007 0531.

    1. OK now I where to go ;D Thanks ;D hehe in fact, I just made arrangements to go for this ;P

  3. Oh, the Bedok Knuckle is only $14, by far the best I've ever have.

  4. the meat of the pork knuckle was still quite moist and not salty. i liked the meat on the side as it was slightly burnt which gave it a nice taste. unfortunately , i would say 50% of the skin was not properly done as it was tough and chewy, not edible at all. however, the 4 different kinds of dip were tasty . the white wine creamy 'soup' that came with the mussels was delicious. i drank up the last drop of it. the big led down was that the meat of the mussels was really tiny, what a shame compared to those in your pictures. i could only console myself that the mussels were not in season . we also ordered buffalo chicken wings . so so disappointed as they were really small wings ( those of spring chicken ?) and dry inside !!

    1. hi liketoeat, thanks for the comment. Are you commenting about Bierhaus or another beer joint? Anyway, I think I need to visit this Bierhaus branch in JJ again :D

  5. Johor kaki, sorry for the late reply... my comment ( jan 29) related to The Bierhaus in Taman Johor Jaya


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