Thursday, 29 January 2015

VisonData Pocket Wifi (Singapore)

As an avid food and travel blogger, it is crucial that I stay connected with readers on my social media platforms during my (sometimes long) overseas trips. I can't wait to share pictures of droolicious food and breathtaking scenery with my readers.

As it is too easy to run up exorbitant data roaming charges during travels, I am constantly looking out for more affordable, hassle free yet reliable means of staying connected. So, I was really excited when VisonData Singapore invited me to try out their Pocket Wifi.

The idea is really simple.


VisonData rents us a portable wifi hotspot with a pre-installed local telco SIM card (of the overseas country). All we need to do is just to lock on to the SSID of the VisonData pocket hotspot, key in the provided password, and we are surfing.

Zero learning curve.

Two days before my Port Dickson (Malaysia) trip, I called VisonData Singapore and reserved a pocket wifi. We could also reserve our device online at, if we wish. (VisonData now covers over 70 countries around the world, so it pays to check if the country you are visiting is covered too.)

#05-41C, IMM Building 2, Jurong East Street 21, Singapore | Tel: (65)-6569-7741

The day before leaving for Port Dickson, I picked up the device at VisonData Singapore office in IMM Building. The office is near to Jurong East MRT station, so it is very accessible. (We can also arrange for courier delivery, at modest additional charge.)


After taking over the pocket wifi device which was neatly packed in a compact travel clutch bag, I turned on the power of the pocket wifi. After my handphone picked up the pocket wifi signal, I keyed in the provided password, and I was ready to use it for my Port Dickson trip. Everything was done while still in Singapore and I was good to roll in about a minute.

Power bank rental is also available from VisonData SG at SGD2 per day.


In Malaysia, I just kept the pocket wifi in my.... pocket lah.... and remained online with my everyday handphone all the time.

No need to change phone or change SIM card. No new settings; nothing to reconfigure. No worries. I felt very much at home.

Just lock in and surf.

Four to six people can share one VisonData pocket wifi, so the savings are substantial compared to data roaming or each of us getting our own local telco SIM cards.

(I don't like the local telco SIM card option as I have to bring along a second handphone, stop at a local phone shop, and set up data service which can often be complicated. I want to enjoy the country the moment the plane lands, instead of wasting hours and energy with the hassle of setting up data connection ;-D  With VisonData pocket wifi, I also don't have to worry again about wasting unused stored value which can be substantial.)


I could surf all day and the only time I shut down the pocket wifi was when I was charging it's battery while sleeping at night.


Back in Singapore, I returned the package back to VisonData at IMM the following day and that was it.

Everything was so neat and simple.

Follow VisonData SG Facebook Page for their regular special deals. VisonData SG is now having their Chinese New Year 2015 offer. They also have a competition on their Facebook Page now.

Disclosure: This is an invited trial use by VisonData.

Trial dates: 28 - 31 Jan 2015

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