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Gramona Imperial with Yeo Xi Yang Best Sommelier of Singapore @ Convivial Champagne Bar 🍾

I was invited to Convivial Champagne Bar at 11 North Canal Road to taste Gramona Imperial 2015 sparkling Corpinnat from Spain 💃 🍾

Convivial Champagne Bar is the baby of Yeo Xi Yang, one of the most, if not the most accomplished sommelier in Singapore. All of 33 this year, Yang was Best Sommelier of French Wines 2016 and 2018, and in 2022 awarded the Best Sommelier of Singapore title by the Sommelier Association Singapore.

By the ripe old age of 33, Yang had sommelier stints at Les Amis, The Black Swan, and Straits Clan, as well as wine director at Park 90 under his belt.
But, Yang is a big fan of champagne at heart, his passion leading to Convivial Champagne Bar which opened at 11, North Canal Road in Sep this year (2023).

Yang with Convivial Champagne Bar operations manager Adrian Lai.

Convivial Champagne Bar has a capacity of 36 persons including a private room. The cosy decor is inspired by wine caverns.

The Gramona Imperial is a fine example of Spanish Cava - sparkling wine from Spain which are mostly produced in Catalonia. Cava is the Spanish word for cave, referring to the cellars where the wines age.


The interior decor of Convivial Champagne Bar is inspired by the Spanish cava i.e. cave cellar. So cool, isn't it?

When you enter Convivial Champagne Bar, you will be greeted by an A frame (riddling rack), an essential contraption in the traditional double fermentation process of champagne and sparkling wine brewing.

My mission today was to learn and taste Spain's Gramona Imperial 
2015 sparkling Corpinnat with Singapore's best sommelier 😊

As part of Eat Spain, Drink Spain Campaign 2023, Convivial Champagne Bar is offering the Gramona Imperial vintage 2015 sparkling Corpinnat at SGD195++ (usual price SGD240++).


A word from Yang on Gramona Imperial:

"Founded in 1850, Gramona is now run by sixth generation Leo Gramona who is in charge of all things commercial, while his uncle Jaume Gramona and Jaume's son Roc Gramona are looking after the vineyards. Custodians to the Catalan region, they have been farming sustainably for many years and now certified biodynamic. 

The Gramona Imperial is their most fundamental wine in which they take great pride in. It is a great wine to pair with Iberian ham, white meats or roasted vegetables."

Offer ends today at midnight (4 Nov 2023) - try not to miss it because Gramona Imperial is really good and good value.

The Spanish Cava (sparkling wine) looks lightly yellow gold with small bubbles.

It's made with a blend of Xarel-lo, Macabeu, Chardonnay and Parellada grapes in the Penedès region of Spain (near Barcelona) at its Mediterranean coast.

Gramona Imperial has a bright, refreshing fragrance which smells like freshly cut apple and lemon but subtly toasty as well.

On the tongue it felt equally refreshing, light and delicate. Yang said the sparkling wine dances on the palate. Yes, I thought of dainty ballerinas on their toes on my tongue - tingles a bit in a delightful way.

It tastes fruity with subtle hints of sweet. 12% alcohol.

I enjoyed my Gramona Imperial with Iberian ham which gentle umami savouriness accentuated the flavours of the Spanish Cava.

Cheers! 🍾

Singapore's best sommelier and Gramona Imperial are at Convivial Champagne Bar.

Follow Yeo Xi Yang on Instagram.

Bar name: 
Convivial Champagne Bar

Address: 11 N Canal Rd, #01-01 The Offshore, Singapore 048824

Nearest MRT: 5 minutes walk from Raffles station

Hours: 4pm - 12 midnight (Sunday off)

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Written by Tony Boey on 4 Nov 2023

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