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Zhong Guo La Mian Xiao Long Bao Dumpling · Tourist Favourite Michelin Approved @ Chinatown Food Centre 中国拉面小笼包

I have long been curious about this tourist and Michelin Guide approved Shanghai food stall in Singapore's Chinatown food centre. I never tried it before because I was always put off by the long snaking queue. (They have the longest queue of over 200 food stalls in Chinatown hawker centre now. Longer than Hawker Chan.)

Stall name: Zhong Guo La Mian Xiao Long Bao 中国拉面小笼包

Address: 335 Smith Street, stall #02-135, Singapore 050335 (stall inside Chinatown Complex Food Centre)

Nearest MRT: 5 minutes walk from Maxwell and Chinatown stations

Hours: 11:30 am - 3 pm | 5pm - 8:30 pm (Mon & Tues off)

Happened to be in Chinatown this Sunday evening and needed something to fill my growling tummy. The queue looked bearable, so I quickly jumped in.

They actually have the full range of various la mian, xiao long bao and other dumplings. I went for the xiao long bao as I can see they are freshly made at the stall. Didn't see anyone pulling la mian.

Actually, the queue cleared pretty fast and I got my xiao long bao within 20 minutes. Ten dumplings for $7.50.

The dainty dumplings were well formed though not fine (didn't have the requisite 18 folds 🤭 ).

They were not steamy hot as they were pre-steamed (?) - it's alright as turnover of XLB orders were very fast at this stall.

Ate the dumpling with pickled julienned ginger and black vinegar as well as a mild, watery chili sauce.

The dumplings were sufficiently filled with a porcine sweet savoury lukewarm broth. The pork ball inside was soft-tender and similarly gently porcine sweet. The skin was thin, soft, and limp. Would be better if there was a little subtle chewiness.

So how was it?

It was a good average dumpling, just a shade away from leading restaurant standard.

I shall update this post after trying their other dishes such as their pot stickers, spicy wanton and la mian.

But, now that my curiosity is satisfied, my attention is drawn to the other xiao long bao / Shanghai food stalls in Chinatown food centre. These under-the-radar stalls have hardly any queue and maybe they have comparable xiao long bao too. The only way to know is to try them one by one 😁

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Written by Tony Boey on 5 Nov 2023

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  1. One of my favourite stalls there. Their pot stickers are good too! And a bowl of sour and spicy soup 😋

  2. They got another stall at Alexandra food centre, also long queue.

  3. Try the Shanghai Sheng Jian Bao too, at the corner. Also long queue.

  4. Shanghai Sheng Jian Bao is delicious too, at the corner.

    1. Great! I am a sheng jian bao lover. Shall try it soon.


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