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Lek Kee Teochew Braised Duck @ People's Park Food Centre 陆记正宗潮州卤鸭

While still eating at Claypot & Cooked Food Kitchen, we were plotting where to eat next week 😂😱 Milton suggested Lek Kee Authentic Teochew Braised Duck.

And so, here we are today at People's Park Food Centre. There was a 10 deep queue at 11:30am on this Tuesday morning.

Despite their popularity, Lek Kee has a relatively low social media profile. It's a hidden gem in the social media sense.

We try to eat and stay healthy, so only allowed ourselves half a duck for five of us 🤭

Alright, plus some braised pork head meat and duck innards 🤭

Lek Kee cut their duck into large, thick chunks. I actually prefer my duck in thin slices. Lek Kee was also quite sparing with the sauce, so most of the meat were neat or only lightly sauced.

Made with fresh duck, the meat was soft-tender and very easy to chew even though it was cut really thick. Despite its thickness, it was less chewy than some some thin sliced duck elsewhere. Impressive 👍 

The fresh duck meat was clean tasting, sweetish without duck gaminess. The sauce was thin and just mildly savoury salty with traces of Chinese spices. Most of the sweetish flavours came from the natural taste of duck meat, fat and skin.

The innards were a mix of soft, tender, spongy, soft-crunchy textures depending on the organ. Different organs gave a different shade of savoury taste.

Lek Kee serves only plain boiled white rice with their braised duck.

Life is like a plate of Teochew mixed braised innards.... nevermind.

Today's demolition party.

Free corkage 🤭 The duck was Milton's treat and the wine courtesy of SW Song 🙏🙏

Due diligence completed.

When we were leaving, the queue was still 10 deep but only three birds hung in the window. Not everyone who came will have their Lek Kee braised duck today 😱😬


Stall name: Lek Kee Authentic Teochew Braised Duck 陆记正宗潮州卤鸭

Address: People’s Park Food Centre, stall #01-1104, Singapore 050032

Nearest MRT: At People's Park station

Tel: 6532 6796

Hours: 11am - 2pm (Sat off)

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Written by Tony Boey on 28 Nov 2023

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