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Dapur Cho Cho Traditional Nyonya Kueh from Great Grandma's Kitchen in Malacca • Menu & Prices

Come to Malacca must of course eat some Nyonya kueh and tabao (takeaway) a lot back to Singapore / JB / KL 🤭

Many friends suggested that we go to Dapur Cho Cho, and so here we were - our first stop once we pulled into Malacca. Thank you for your recommendation 🙏

We didn't get down from the car as there was a red CLOSED sign on the latched door 😔

The next day, we came back to Dapur Cho Cho first thing in the morning, looking forward to breakfast here. 

The sign said OPEN but the doors were firmly latched 🤔

Apparently, buying things from Dapur Cho Cho needs one day advance pre-booking ☎️ +6012-276-8606 😔 which we unfortunately didn't know till now. 

Took a picture of the menu for reference. 

Disappointed, I wandered like a curious cat to the back of the little wooden house and shed. A small team of ladies were busy making, steaming kueh. 

Customers who had booked their kueh the day before, come here to collect their orders. 

The team, especially Juliet the fourth generation owner was very friendly, patiently answering our enquiries and allowing us to take photos although we came without any orders.

They were quietly, deftly making ondeh ondeh, my favourite Nyonya dessert by hand, one at a time.

Though we had not booked anything, Juliet kindly offered us some ondeh ondeh which were freshly made right before our eyes. 

Juliet also offered us pineapple tarts.

We found a nearby kopitiam, ordered kopi and some food. 

Then, had ondeh ondeh for dessert 🤭

The grated coconut pulp was so fresh! 

I don't normally eat ondeh ondeh with a stirring spoon but here, I am showing you the size. They were small, dainty like the size of a man's thumb nail.

The gula Melaka oozed out of the spongy ball like warm sweet fragrant syrupy lava. The pandan tinted, green mochi ball was soft chewy with a tender squeaky bite.

It was quickly apparent why Dapur Cho Cho's ondeh ondeh is so popular with locals and visitors.

Open face pineapple tart with buttery cookie type base. I like the pineapple filling as it was not overly sweet but had a sweet zesty pineapple taste. 

We also had the roll up type. Both were excellent, though I prefer the roll up type for its softer, more crumbly buttery crust. I also feel more enclosed tarts have more moist fillings.

Dapur Cho Cho will be one of my Malacca stops whenever I am in the historic town.

Shop name: Dapur Cho Cho

Address: 6, Jalan PB5, 75350 Batu Berendam, Melaka

Tel: +6012 276 8606

Hours: Pick up time 7am - 3pm (close at 1pm on Sat & Sun, Mon off)

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Written by Tony Boey on 25 May 2024

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