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Lina Confectionery Handmade Nyonya Kueh in Alexandra / Bukit Merah

Tea time with traditional Nyonya kueh. Haha... I was soaking wet from walking on a sunny hot day 🌞

Lina Confectionery is a hole in the wall, hidden type of shop that quietly turns out delicious delights. It's actually two shoplots, so it's quite a large shop by Singapore standards.

Lina is the next door neighbour of KEK zhi char, and a short walk, around the corner from Poh Cheu Teochew kueh.

A small range of Nyonya kueh but all are handmade. 

We got our childhood favourites.

Lina Confectionery is a takeaway shop (no seats), so we took our kueh to enjoy at Alexandra Village food centre which is just 2 minutes walk away.

I always found the honeycomb of the kueh bika Ambon irresistibly fascinating. 

The texture was uniquely tender bouncy spongy and tasted delicately sweet with a unique sweet aromatics fragrance (typically turmeric, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves are used along with eggs, tapioca and wheat flour, etc.).

Lina's rendition was lovely. To me, kueh bika Ambon is a special kueh.

Second generation lady boss told me that her mum Lina did R & D using over 300 kilos of ingredients before finally coming up with the fixed recipe they use today.

Baby chiffon. 

Spongy pandan infused cake topped with shredded coconut pulp.

Kueh salat.

Two layer kueh with glutinous rice and coconut milk base, and topped with custard layer of coconut milk and pandan juice.

Another of my favourites, creamy smooth and not overly sweet.

Bingka ubi.

Baked grated tapioca, coconut milk, eggs, etc.


We enjoyed ourselves so much that we went back to Lina to buy another bag to eat later 😄


Stall name: Lina Confectionary

Address: 124 Bukit Merah Lane 1, #01-138, Singapore 150124

Nearest MRT: 15 minutes walk from Queenstown station

Tel: 6271 6996

Hours: 9:30am - 8pm (Mon off)

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Written by Tony Boey on 30 May 2024


  1. The lemper is the best. And the lapis. Truly authentic.

  2. tony - should have tried their sardine puffs! personal favourite. family also likes their kueh dadar.


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