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Coffee & Toast @ Yong Peng • Maxims Snack Shoppe 大胡子面包小食

We pulled over at Yong Peng town on the way to Malacca. Haven't eaten anything nor had any caffeine since we woke up and left Singapore. I suggested we pull over at 大胡子面包小食 - I've been here a few years ago, liked it and wanted to come back to try more things before writing about it.

It's been some years, I don't remember much about my last visit except for the kaya and the friendly boss 大胡子 who has a big beard and he allowed me to photograph them making kaya.

We ordered kaya toast. 

I was a little disappointed that they use only margarine (Planta) and no butter.

Truth be told, when the kopi came, I wondered if I got the wrong order - was that teh (milk tea)?

Looks deceive. 

One teaspoonful confirmed that it was kopi C kosong, my order 🙏

It was good, the type of kopi I find in Johor in places like Kheng Guan Hiong in Pontian, The Toast and Hanyuan in Johor Bahru, etc.

It has a distinctive gentle pang (aromatic) type of bitterness moderated with evaporated milk - not the harsh bitter ashy type which is becoming the norm in Singapore hawker centres and coffee shops. Marcus had kopi O siew dai and he liked it too.

The freshly toasted bread came thick, cut in their unique triangular pattern and with generous spread of kaya oozing out, overflowing like a glazy glacier over the sides. I skipped the margarine, so it was all kaya. 

Oh man.... I was mind blown by the kaya. 

It was thick but smooth and fluid (it was not a paste). It tastes sweet but not cloying. The smell and taste of boiled coconut milk and eggs were strong.

It blew bottled factory kaya away by a mile, at least. 

"How to go back to eating regular kaya after this, you tell me?"

We also had the traditional banana leaf nasi lemak. It was alright, I wish they use the more starchy rice and had more coconut milk. But, the sambal was really good, umami savoury, spicy and with sweetness from generous amount of shallot. 

I was eyeing the delicious looking yam cake but decided to save it for the return trip. 

It was the wrong decision. Yam cake was sold out when we came back two days later in the afternoon 🥺

If you are pulling over at Yong Peng for kopi and toast, check out Maxims. This is going to be one of my favourite kopi stops between JB and KL.


Restaurant name: Maxims Snack Shoppe 大胡子面包小食

Address: Taman Sembrong Baru, 83700 Yong Peng, Johor, Malaysia (easy to locate as it is two doors from the Maybank branch along the main road Jalan Besar)

Tel: +6011 1050 7920

Hours: 8:30am - 5:30pm

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Written by Tony Boey on 27 May 2024

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