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JB Breakfast - Johor Best Half Boiled Eggs @ Restoran Kin Wah Coffee Shop 锦华餐室

Johor Breakfast - Half Boiled Eggs @ Restoran Kin Wah 锦华餐室

Kin Wah coffee shop 锦华餐室 at Jalan Tan Hiok Nee in old downtown JB is well known for its Hainanese coffee, kaya toast, mee siam, mee rebus, and nasi padang. One other thing that sets it apart is their half boiled eggs (or some prefer to call it soft boiled eggs).

Johor Breakfast - Half Boiled Eggs @ Restoran Kin Wah 锦华餐室

Unlike other coffee shops, Kin Wah uses kampung chicken eggs for its half boiled eggs. Kampung chicken eggs are from free range hens that have not been injected with growth accelerating hormones.

Expertly half cooked to perfection by Kin Wah’s boss, the simple half boiled egg here becomes a signature favourite. The boss personally ensures that the eggs are perfectly half boiled and the only way to be 100% sure is to break open the shell to inspect it - so Kin Wah's half boiled eggs are served already opened QC by the boss.

Johor Breakfast - Half Boiled Eggs @ Restoran Kin Wah 锦华餐室

Look at the yolk. It has a deep rich orangey hue. It is also firmer unlike the runnier consistency of the usual farm eggs. 

Johor Breakfast - Half Boiled Eggs @ Restoran Kin Wah 锦华餐室

Stir in a teaspoon of light soy sauce and a dash of white pepper and it brings out the unique aroma and flavour of fresh eggs (which is hard to find nowadays). If you take your time to savour it, the eggs are so smooth it gently massages your palette and taste buds before it slips easily down your throat.

Use that teaspoon only to stir the egg. The correct best way to enjoy this egg is to drink it like a soup straight from the saucer down your throat 😄 I know, the ladies and some gentlemen are rolling their eyes as they read this 🙄

Johor Breakfast - Half Boiled Eggs @ Restoran Kin Wah 锦华餐室

This treat of coffee black with two half boiled kampung chicken eggs costs RM3.40 (2012 price).

Ah…. Life’s simple pleasures.

Another of life's simple pleasures that I love is nasi lemak - coconut flavoured rice with deep fried fish and sambal chili wrapped in banana leaf.

Try also Kin Wah's toast breads, buns, mee siam etc which are very popular. Kin Wah's nasi Padang stall is also a favourite among the working lunch crowd (stall MOVED to Qin Garden kopitiam at Jalan Dhoby).

Kin Wah is a good first / breakfast stop for your day trip in Johor Bahru as they open at 7am.

Restaurant name: Restoran Kin Wah 锦华餐室
Address: 8 Jalan Trus, 80000 Johor Bahru
GPS: 1.456776,103.764367

Hours: Half boiled eggs available

Date visited: Numerous times since 13 Jan 2012

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  1. Beware the expensive fried noodles/yong tau foo stall. I had to pay RM4 for a small box of takeaway fried mee the other day - no meat, just very ordinary fried noodles - perhaps fame is getting to their heads...


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