Friday, 12 October 2012

Closed: Double Ristretto Café in Permas Mall, Permas Jaya, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Yesterday, I popped over to Double Ristretto Café at Permas Mall to try out their popular high end brewed coffee, tiramisu and mocktails at the invitation of Stephanie.
Double Ristretto Café is in the second level right above Just Want Café

Double Ristretto Café is like a well kept secret. You won't find it, if your were looking for a Double Ristretto Café signboard because there isn't any :) To find Double Ristretto Café, look for Just Want Café at Permas Mall. Double Ristretto Café is on the second level right above Just Want Café. To go up to Double Ristretto, take the stairs on the left side of Just Want Café. Heavenly coffee, desserts and mocktails are right up those stairs :)

Inside, the feel of Double Ristretto is unlike your typical café. The wood flooring and the comfortable rattan sofas with earthly tones make chilling at Double Ristretto Café seem more like visiting someone's home than your usual coffee shop.

It was a peaceful afternoon, with a couple of groups of customers in their own nooks enjoying warm and cosy conversations.

The cheerful and friendly Michelle and Stephanie were manning the shop.
Devil's Pool Mocktail RM13.90

I started with a Devil's Pool mocktail at Stephanie's suggestion. The combination of bluish, green and red was so intriguing that I couldn't wait to find out how it tastes. 
Stephanie said if I want my Devil's Pool hot, to stir it with the chili padi :)

The Devil's Pool was a nice blend of tangy sour, sweet, and spicy hot from the single stalk of chili padi, with the crushed ice providing the interesting texture and coldness. I enjoyed this mocktail and would recommend it.

I then had a tiramisu with a cup of Double Ristretto cappuccino.
Double Ristretto's tiramisu at RM13.90
I liked Double Ristretto's tiramisu very much :) The texture of Double Ristretto's tiramisu was soft and smooth. Stephanie told me that this was because no gelatin is used in their tiramisu. When I bite into the tiramisu, there was cheese at the top and in the soft fluffy middle, there were the distinct flavours of rum and coffee liquor. The tiramisu felt very light and complemented the full bodied cappuccino very well.

Well, the first thing that struck me about Double Ristretto cappuccino was the sweet, rich and robust aroma of the freshly ground coffee.

When I look down getting ready for a sip of the delicious coffee, I saw the words Johor Kaki on the surface of the coffee. It was a very nice touch. Thanks, Michelle and Stephanie :) I was almost reluctant to sip on the inviting cappuccino as that would break up the beautiful latte art :)

I was wowed by the full bodied coffee. Stephanie shared that the coffee was made with a well balanced blend of exquisite Ethiopian Sidamo and Yellow Bourbon beans.

Another trademark of Double Ristretto Café is that the freshly brewed coffee is always made with a double shot of espresso, hence the extra body, bolder and richer flavour. Put simply, double the flavour, double the taste without any hint of bitterness at all. Actually, that is not very accurate - a double shot of espresso takes the coffee to another level that is more than just merely doubling the taste and flavour. Try it, to appreciate what I mean. At RM9, Double Ristretto's cappuccino is very reasonably priced.

Double Ristretto Café is an excellent place to chill with friends. We can have cheerful banter with friends, and there are also quieter nooks for deeper conversation. For those so inclined, one can retreat and shut the world out with a book or indulge in net surfing with free WiFi provided.

The menu board at Double Ristretto Café

Restaurant name: Double Ristretto Café
Address: 01-04, Blk A, Permas Mall, No. 3, Jalan Permas Utara, Permas, Johor Bahru
GPS: 1.497199,103.817029
Hours: 3:00pm to 11:00pm (closed on Monday)
Non Halal

Date visited: 10 Oct 2012


  1. wow, how did they do tt latte art! Amazingly! I won't dare to drink it if I am you haha

    1. yeah, it took me a while :P The coffee is soooo good.

  2. I went last sunday, but it does not seem open ....:(( Are they still there ?
    the mall were pretty quiet only 1-2 shops opened.


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