Thursday, 6 February 2014

Pagoda Minced Meat Instant Noodle

Pagoda Minced Meat Instant Noodle from Malaysia.

I was eager to try this instant noodle as "minced meat noodle" is a comfort food for many of us in Malaysia and Singapore.


Inside the packet, a noodle block, sachets of seasoning powder, garnishing and seasoning oil (palm oil).


The seasoning powder had lots of visible crystals and bits of freeze dried chives and chili.


Garnishing of freeze dried chives, chili and cabbage.


My bowl of noodle soup ready within 3 minutes.


The noodles were soft and springy. Clean tasting with wheat flavour. Average but likable.


There was no aroma from the broth except for the faint smell of seasoning powder. The broth had no body, except for murkiness from dissolved seasoning powder.

The broth tasted savoury and a little spicy from small pieces of chili and some peppery bits. But, there was no porky flavour even though the label says "minced meat noodle".


Dip stick test. As the seasoning oil and broth were clear, the oily slick was not too visible but it's there - thick and slimy.

Pagoda Minced Meat Instant Noodles is not certified Halal

Rating: 3/10 based on Johor Kaki standardised instant noodle rating system.

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