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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Coffee Nowhere Singapore at West Coast Plaza

Welson, the owner of Coffee Nowhere invited me to visit his newly opened outlet at West Coast Plaza in Singapore.

I first met Welson in Johor Bahru, where Coffee Nowhere was established two years ago. Since then, Coffee Nowhere has become a fast growing brand with branches in Malaysia, Singapore, Batam and expansion further afield already in the pipeline.

Coffee Nowhere West Coast Plaza retains the same philosophy as the first Coffee Nowhere Taman Gaya in Johor Bahru. The people working with Welson on the coffee are all youthful and passionate about every aspect of coffee.

Stepping into Coffee Nowhere at West Coast Plaza, I immediately saw that it shared the same DNA as the flagship in Johor Bahru. Yet, the West Coast Plaza branch has it's own personality.


The coffee bar and kitchen are in the centre island on a raised platform. Customers make their orders here and food will be served at their tables.

The seats ringed around the centre island.


These were the seats at the main inside entrance.

The decor at Coffee Nowhere Singapore was pretty simple but it was comfortable with an understated charm. It was also classy without being pretentious.


Seats at the back or the front, depending on which entrance ;-p This was at the outside entrance facing the service road.


Love this cosy corner at the outside entrance where I can hide away and enjoy the company of a friend, book, magazine, my lappy or just my handphone ;-D Coffee is a must, of course.


My first coffee of the day was a cappuccino with a Coffee Nowhere blend of three Arabica beans, namely, Brazilian Yellow Bourbon, Ethiopian Sidamo and a Guatemalan.

Coffee Nowhere roasts their coffees in Johor Bahru where their roasters are located.

The blend had a rich creamy body, walnut flavour, berry like acidity and bitter sweet chocolaty finish.

I enjoyed this cappuccino (as a coffee novice).


We also tasted Coffee Nowhere's Ethiopian "red cherry washed yirgacheffe"

Daniel kindly brewed the coffee for us using both the syphon and drip methods.


The yirgacheffe was citrusy with berry flavours along with a bitter sweet chocolaty aroma and taste.

As a coffee novice, I enjoyed both cups.


The Coffee Nowhere beef burger.


I liked the beefiness of the tender ground beef patty which paired very well with the fried egg, cheese, savoury sweet onions and sauce.


The Coffee Nowhere burger was my favourite today.


hmmm..... Coffee Nowhere's Chili Crab Spaghetti.

Too much tart, sweet, and spicy flavours and too soggy soft for me but I know that this is a popular dish with younger and more adventurous taste buds.

I am still an old school al dente pasta person faithfully wedded to simple plain pastas tossed in just garlic, olive oil, some white wine with at most some squid rings and a couple of mussels thrown in.


Coffee Nowhere Mexican Roll.

Tasty but nope, it's quite unlike those Mexican rolls I've tried made by Mexicans where the rolls are packed with stuffing much like a Chinese spring roll ;-P


Platter of egg Benedict on butter toast, grilled beef bacon and smoked duck with fresh greens and smoked salmon slices on the side.


Pizza Nowhere.


Coffee Nowhere's unique signature lychee and smoked duck pizza. Thin crispy crust topped with melted cheese and a blend of juicy sweet lychee and savoury smoked duck.


I like this Belgian waffle with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The waffle had a nice soft chewy bite and it was not overly sweet, even though we drenched it in a flood of maple syrup ;-D

If I need a good cuppa Arabica when I am in West Coast Plaza, my choice is Coffee Nowhere.


Coffee Nowhere at West Coast Plaza is located at the basement level near main entrance. Just go down the short flight of steps as you enter the Plaza.

Restaurant name: Coffee Nowhere Singapore

AddressWest Coast Plaza, 154 West Coast Road, #B1-06/07 Singapore 127371
Hours: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

No pork, no lard, no Halal cert

Date visited: 28 Feb 2015

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