Thursday, 7 May 2015

Herbal Roast Duck Restoran Lapan Dua Dua 822 超级鸭王 Johor Bahru JK1123

A fellow foodie shared on Facebook about Restoran Lapan Dua Dua 822 超级鸭王's 23rd Anniversary buy 1 get 1/2 free herbal roast duck promotion. As I am a fan of Lapan Dua Dua's herbal roast ducks, I quickly made my way to their shop in Taman Ungku Tun Aminah, Johor Bahru.

We ordered 1 duck for RM58 and got another 1/2 duck free.


We ate the 1/2 duck at the shop and took away 1 duck.


Even a 1/2 duck has enough meat to feed 3 people very comfortably.


Not the juiciest flesh nor the crispiest skin but Lapan Dua Dua's signature herbal flavour and aroma is still alluring. I like the savouriness and dang gui 當歸 flavour in Lapan Dua Dua 882's roast ducks. We finished the 1/2 duck happily and enjoyed it very much.


The roast duck promotion was selling like hot cakes.

Here is my previous post on Restoran Lapan Dua Dua 822 超级鸭王.


The buy 1 get 1/2 free promotion is on till 31 May 2015.

Disclosure: I paid for my ducks and have no affiliation at all with Restoran Lapan Dua Dua. Am just sharing a delicious good deal with you ;-D

Don't say bojio ;-p

Restaurant name: Restoran Lapan Dua Dua 822 超级鸭王
Address: 36, Jalan Nakhoda 1, Skudai, Johor Bahru 81300
GPS: 1.520620,103.660420 
Hours: Daily 7:30am to 7:00pm (closed on Thursdays) 

Non Halal  

Date visited: 20 Jan 2012, 6 May 2015

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