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Chef Ong's Kick Ass Penang Hokkien Prawn Mee Johor Permas Jaya

Chef-Ong-Penang-Hokkien-Prawn Mee-Johor-Permas-Jaya

When I posted about Chef Ong's delicious salmon noodle soup and salmon dumplings, readers told me "Aiyah, why didn't you try his Penang Hokkien prawn mee? That one you must not miss." So, I did what I have to do the very next day :-D

Chef Ong 檳城蝦面湯頭真的有足料, 重味, 夠力。吃一口,我立刻上癮。大家真的一定要試試。柔佛新山, 百萬鎮。Jalan Permas 10/5.

Chef-Ong-Penang-Hokkien-Prawn Mee-Johor-Permas-Jaya

Aiyoh... one mouthful of Chef Ong's full bodied prawn broth and it's Penang Hokkien mee epiphany for me (and I have been to Penang many times).

Suddenly, I forgot how all the Penang Hokkien mee that I had eaten before tasted....

The robust layered crustacean savouriness of Chef Ong's prawn broth is like a kick in the pants.

We came here just wanting to complete our due diligence, unfinished business from our previous post but ended up ordering two bowls of the exact same Penang prawn mee, one after another.

We can't stop till our stomachs were full.

The broth alone makes Chef Ong's prawn mee the champion. The rest of the dish was good too.

Chef-Ong-Penang-Hokkien-Prawn Mee-Johor-Permas-Jaya

There were two good sized shelled prawns in the RM7 bowl of Hokkien mee.

The prawns were fresh, plump and juicy. It tasted savoury sweet.

Chef-Ong-Penang-Hokkien-Prawn Mee-Johor-Permas-Jaya

The strips of belly pork with fat, meat and skin on is on the fatty side - sweet and tender. Uncle food that might not appeal to weight watching folks ;-p  For Hokkien mee, I also prefer thin lean pork slices.

Chef-Ong-Penang-Hokkien-Prawn Mee-Johor-Permas-Jaya

There's a sprinkling of lard crackling that don't crackle as they were soften from soaking in the broth.

Chef-Ong-Penang-Hokkien-Prawn Mee-Johor-Permas-Jaya

The sambal chili was good with crustacean savouriness and spiciness well balanced. I enjoyed eating this on it's own but I refused to add this good sambal chili into Chef Ong's prawn broth. 

I just don't want to add anything that would upset the delicate balance in Chef Ong's wonderful broth. It's too good to mess with.

Chef-Ong-Penang-Hokkien-Prawn Mee-Johor-Permas-Jaya

->> My friends are so right - Chef Ong's Penang Hokkien prawn mee in Permas Jaya is too good to miss. Thanks for the tip off. If you are a prawn mee lover, you must come and try this - now.

Chef Ong will operate from new premises here from 2 Jun 2016 (across the road from current premises)

Restaurant name: Chef Ong Salmon Fish Head Soup & Sashimi 三文鱼头鱼片汤
Address: Jalan Permas 10/5, Bandar Baru Permas Jaya, Masai, Johor
GPS1.499947, 103.814674 / 1°29'59.8"N 103°48'52.8"E
Tel: 019-772 5610
Hours: 10:30am to 3:00pm | 5:00pm to 10:00pm (Closed on Thurs)

Non Halal

Date: 27 May 2016, 28 May 2016

JB Johor Best Food
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  1. tried the prawn mee this afternoon. yes it is good. The soup i think has some prawn pase added. Its diffrent as the coup surely have some kick.

  2. Went for dinner over the weekend. Probably the best penang hokkien mee in Jb. Good size prawn for rm8. Awesome sambal.


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