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Yew Swee Laksa and Lor Mee - Johor Folks Favourites 友水叻沙 JK1487


Yew Swee 友水 is one of those nondescript eateries found all over Malaysia which one would hardly notice when driving by. But, local folks know that this plain Jane of shops serves one of the best curry laksa noodle in JB, and today I found out, one of the best lor mee 鹵麵 as well.


The Liew family from Penang who have been running Yew Swee here for over twenty years, prefer a low profile despite their loyal following built through the years.


Yew Swee has a regular clientele for their solid, delicious local food - no gimmicks or fanciful social media marketing. The interior is rather spartan and can get quite hot from the blazing sun beating down at the front of the shop, but it didn't bother me nor any of Yew Swee's fans too much :-D


I've known Yew Swee's curry laksa noodles for 5 years now.


The same creamy sweet savoury spicy broth and a full load of fried bean curd skin, tofu, fish ball, fresh blood cockles and choice of bee hoon or yellow noodles.

It's satisfying today as my past visits to Yew Swee

Thanks to my JB buddy KK's suggestion, I tried Yew Swee's lor mee as well. I am not a big fan of lor mee as most of those that I have tried were heavy on slimy sticky starch to thicken the flat tasting soy sauce blend.


One spoonful of Yew Swee's lor 鹵 and I was delighted by the difference - the sauce was soupy like a broth and it has a distinct pronounced crustacean flavour layering the savouriness from soy sauce. There was a subtle pepperiness in the soupy sauce which I like. It's a delicious sauce which I am happy drink. It also has none of that slimy starch of average lor mee.


The yellow noodles, bean sprouts, egg, fish cake slices, char siew slices, a scattering of lard crackling were all there. No fancy ingredients like fish floss, golf pork balls etc but I was captivated by the flavoursome sauce and that is enough.


We like Yew Swee's lor mee so much that we ordered a second bowl of the same thing just for the kick of it.

This time we added a squeeze of vinegar. It's just generic black vinegar but it does add a nice tangy flavour and dimension to the already great lor.


Yew Swee also serves yong taufu but it's the average kind with mostly fish paste fillings (not the Hakka minced pork and fish type).

Yew Swee also serves ban mian and kway teow soup which I shall try next time (hope I will have the discipline to try more new dishes than just go for tried and tasted favourites like the curry laksa and lor mee).

->> Humble Yew Swee is JB local folks' favourite for curry laksa noodle and lor mee.


Restaurant name: Restoran Yew Swee 友水 
Address: 64, Jalan Harimau Tarom, Taman Century, Johor Bahru 
GPS: 1.485273,103.765477 / 1°29'07.0"N 103°45'55.7"E 
Hours: Daily 8:00am to 4:00pm (closed on Sundays) 

Non Halal 

Date visited: 17 Jan 2012, 22 Apr 2013, 19 May 2016

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