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Niagara Falls. One of the Best Free Things to Do in the World


Niagara Falls is one of the natural wonders of the world. Anyone who has seen it will be awed by the force, power and beauty of Mother Nature. 

It's not the world's largest waterfall - that honour belongs to Victoria Falls in Zambia (Africa). But, Niagara Falls is more accessible for most people. It can easily be reached once you are in Ontario, Canada or New York, USA.

You can self drive or take a public bus to Niagara Falls. I am going by bus from Toronto this time 😄 


I took a bus from downtown Toronto Bus Terminal which is just 2 hours and under CDN20 one way to downtown Niagara Falls. When you arrive at the little Niagara Fall Bus Terminal building, you have the options of bus, taxi or walk to the legendary waterfall park.


I always prefer to walk if my destination is within walking distance. The walk from the Bus Terminal to the Falls is about 30 minutes. The air is pristine.

To walk, head south. You will be able to see this old Empire Building on your left, just steps from the Bus Terminal. Head south from the Bus Terminal (most handphones have a compass app).


After 3 minutes south, you will arrive at Rosberg Family Park - it's a tiny park with a children's playground. The Olympic Torch Run Legacy Trail starts here. This 1.3 km walking trail takes you to the Falls (well, very nearly). Walk down this trail, heading south.


The trail runs parallel to the Niagara River. As you walk south on the trail, Niagara River is on your left.


Look to your left as you head south. At either Ellis, Simcoe or Eastwood Street, turn to your left. It will take you to River Road which runs right beside Niagara River.

You will see many beautiful family homes. Some offer bed and breakfasts which are interesting accommodation options, if you suffer from hotel stay ad nauseam.


On River Road, keep heading south. It's an easy walk down slope to the Falls 😄


Soon, you will see the Rainbow Bridge linking Canada and the USA (on the left).


Continue till you are under the bridge. Walk right under it.


Behold, the legendary Niagara Falls. The first waterfall you see from here is the American Falls and the smaller one to its right is known as Bridal Veil.


Still under the Rainbow Bridge, we can see the American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls and the Horseshoe Falls.


The American Falls is about 1,060 feet wide.


The water pours down 70 - 100 feet.


My son and the American Falls during our last visit. The skyline has changed a little bit with more buildings. The vintage coin operated telescopes have been replaced by modern ones. Today is the first time I am back in Niagara Falls after 30 years.


Further south from the American Falls, I hear continuous rumble from behind a shroud of mist blanketing the Skylon Tower on and off like a floating veil blowing in the wind.


It's mist from the incredible Horseshoe Falls. It mists up our spectacles and camera lens too 😂


View of the Horseshoe Falls through the glass window at the Welcome Centre. The Horseshoe Falls stretches 2,600 feet.

(If you need to use the washroom, it's here at the Welcome Centre.)


As much as 225,000 cubic feet of water tumble down Horseshoe Falls every second (yes, in one second). The falling water makes a thunderous roar which can be heard throughout the park.


The water has a greenish colour from erosion of the Erie River bed. Erie River is washed away at the rate of 1 foot every year by the rushing water.


A popular way to see the Falls is by boat right where the falling water meets the river below.


A cloud of mist rises high above the water line from the water thundering 188 feet down Horseshoe Falls.


To go back to the Niagara Falls Bus Terminal, we can again take a bus, taxi or walk. I walked, taking the same route as the one I came - via the Olympic Torch Run Legacy Trail.


Set aside an hour to explore the shops and eateries in downtown Niagara Falls along Queen Street. Get a glimpse of life in small town Canada. It's just 5 minutes walk from the Bus Terminal.

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I love to be back at Niagara Falls again. Hope I don't have to wait another 30 years for my next visit 😄

It's one of the best free things to do in the whole wide world. We just need to find our way there 😄

Reference: Wikipedia 👈

Date: 26 Apr 2017

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