Sunday, 13 August 2017

People & Places Cafe. Johor's Newest Check-in Hotspot


Popped by People & Places Cafe just now - because it's Johor Bahru's newest check-in hotspot 😄


It's a great place to feel the infectious vibes of JB's hip crowd.


Barista 委桀 is one of Malaysia's best.


My cuppa cappuccino. So pretty. It was mildly nutty tasting.


The food at People & Places is Melbourne inspired brunch.

We shared a Wild Mushroom Risotto.

It's risotto rice topped with a jumble of caramelised mushrooms and poached kampung egg yolk, dusted with Parmesan cheese and a drizzle of truffle flavour oil. Dressed with rocket (Arugala) greens.


Oh... the aroma and taste of the caramelised savoury earthy toasty mushrooms were just marvellous. The truffle flavour oil and kampung egg yolk added interesting flavours to the risotto.


But, the risotto rice was done a little too mushy for my liking. This is the default as softer rice is the local preference. If you prefer al dente risotto, like me, just mention it to the friendly staff 😄


Melbourne Signature Hotcake.

"Popular like hotcakes" said friendly staff Brian 😄

It's a buttery heavy dense blueberry butter cake served with double cream, seeds, nuts, strawberry and pea sprouts. Maple syrup added more refreshing light sweetness to the blend of buttery, sweet, nutty, and pea sprout green flavours.


People & Places is located in TEAM Furniture Gallery - a nondescript building of furniture showrooms in JB's Tebrau industrial area. The cafe is located at the ground level.


People & Places is steps away from JUBIN BMS. The easiest way to get here is to navigate with WAZE. Follow the tag "People & Places" and WAZE will bring you to it's doorstep.


We just had a very small sampling of People & Places' menu. Shall be back for more as we like the feel here.

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👉 Love the youthful vibes here at People & Places Cafe - JB's latest check-in hotspot. It's a good place to chill with a tasty, pretty cuppa, Melbourne style brunch and soak in the groovy atmosphere.


Restaurant name: People & Places Cafe
Address:  6, Jalan Kencana Emas 2/3, Perindustrian Tebrau lll Johor Bahru
GPS1°32'16.4"N 103°46'17.8"E | 1.537874, 103.771616
Tel07-351 5303
Hours: 10:00am to 6:00pm (Monday off)

No pork, no lard, no Halal cert

Date: 13 Aug 2017

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