Wednesday, 28 February 2018

What to Eat in Johor Jaya. Fish Ball Soup at Fong Yem Kopitiam


Two days ago, I blogged about Fong Yan chicken rice at Fong Yem coffee shop in Johor Jaya. Now, I want to share with you the fish ball soup and noodle stall in the same kopitiam. To me good chicken rice and great fish ball soup make the best food pairing 😄


I was alone and over ordered. The above came to RM15.50. RM10 for the fish ball soup and RM5.50 for the noodles and soup.


Don't be like Tony Johorkaki. If you are here for chicken rice, just order the fish ball soup. The noodles with the savoury salty sauce are generic and not so memorable. But, they will serve you well if you are hungry and need to fuel up 😄


The hand made fish balls were good sized, and looked white outside with rough pockmarked surface on its irregular shape. There were 10 fish balls in the bowl.

When you bite into the soft-tender, springy fish ball, the meat springs apart delicately sideways instead of pushing back. The taste is a subtle refreshing kind of fresh fish sweetness.


The clear soup has a light body and tasted just mildly savoury sweet with the chopped cilantro, scallion and lettuce providing accents and crunch.


Location of the fish ball stall inside the always busy Fong Yem coffee shop.


The little stall sells kway teow soup, curry laksa, mee hoon kueh and fish ball soup. Boss was very busy, so I had no chance to know more about the food and the stall. Shall try again at next visit 😄

👉 Once again, the hand made fish balls at Fong Yem coffee shop are excellent and a Must Have side dish for your Fong Yan roast chicken 😋 Pro-tip: You have to book your fish balls because the fish balls are often sold out around the same time the chicken rice stall starts serving at 9:30am 😂

My post on Fong Yan chicken rice 👈 click


Restaurant name: Fish Ball stall in Restoran Fong Yem
Address: Fong Yem coffee shop at intersection of Jalan Dedap 13 and Jalan Dedap 18, Taman Johor Jaya, Johor Bahru (opposite RHB Bank and Toast) 
GPS: 1.542325,103.801724608  
Waze: Fong Yem 
Hours: 7:30am till sold out (fish balls usually by 9:30am) Weds closed.  

Non Halal    

Date visited: 28 Feb 2018

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