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Sunday, 23 September 2018

Hock Chew Red Wine Mee Suah in Johor Bahru

Came back to this back street Hock Chew food restaurant in this ulu 鳥不生蛋的地方 place in JB where even "birds won't come to lay eggs" for their red rice wine mee suah. (Relax, this place is just 15 minutes from JUSCO / IKEA Tebrau and Waze takes you to the doorstep.)

I tasted Ms Lee's house made Hock Chew noodles last week at her Restoran Soon Chai 顺顺来美食中心 in Ulu Tiram but missed her popular red rice wine mee suah as I travel only on one stomach.

Ms Lee used to make her own traditional Hock Chew sun dried mee suah at her shop until city council disapproved sun drying noodles in the open. So, now she gets her sun dried mee suah from her friend who makes it in Sitiawan in Malaysia's Perak state.

We started with a red rice wine mee suah 紅酒面線. It's mee suah and chicken served in reddish red rice wine stock (price RM8.50).

The full body red rice wine stock tasted sourish sweet with slight underlying savouriness. The red rice wine had a sweet aroma. There was also a bit of heat from crunchy julienned ginger.  

The mee suah was done soft al dente (different from the slimy slippery soft mee suah of Taipei, Taiwan). The mee suah had little flavour of its own but tasted sourish sweet from the red rice wine clinging to the slender strands.

We also had 红糟酒面 which is red rice wine with bits of residual pulp from fermented glutinous rice. The soft bits of rice pulp imparted thickness and sweetness to the stock, making it taste sweet sourish (instead of sourish sweet compared to the red rice wine).

👉 If you are craving for authentic red rice wine mee suah in JB, you can get it at Restoran Soon Chai in Ulu Tiram at 顺顺来美食中心.

Red more about Restoran Soon Chai's house made Hock Chew noodles 👈 click

Restaurant name: Restoran Soon Chai 顺顺来美食中心 
Address: 2, Jalan Denai 2, Taman Bukit Jaya, Ulu Tiram, Johor 
GPS: 1°35'55.2"N 103°48'28.5"E 🌐 1.598677, 103.807903
Waze: 2 Jalan Denai 2 
Tel: 07 861 2680 
Hours: 8:00am - 5:00pm (Off day not fixed. Updates on Facebook page)  

Date visited: 14 Sep 2018, 23 Sep 2018

Watch how traditional Hock Chew mee suah is made in Fuzhou, China.

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