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Friday, 21 September 2018

Largest Chee Cheong Fun Restaurant in JB. G Cheong Fun 怡保 (手工) 猪肠粉

When I have friends from Hong Kong or Guangzhou China visiting, I like to prank them by taking them to eat Malaysian chee cheong fun 豬腸粉 😂 What Malaysians have done to their beloved staple, never fails to amaze and amuse them. In Johor Bahru, I will take them to either G Cheong Fun in Taman Ungku Tun Aminah (or Kampar Chee Cheong Fun in Taman Johor Jaya).

G Cheong Fun in TUTA occupying 2 shop lots is certainly the largest chee cheong fun shop in Johor (and perhaps even in Malaysia). Please let me know if you have come across a chee cheong fun specialist this large anywhere - GZ or HK perhaps, but I don't know.

G Cheong Fun is often busy as it is popular among locals.

In HK and GZ where chee cheong fun came from, it is a rice roll made by steam cooking thin sheets of rice film make with a blend of rice and tapioca flour. Every shop have their own recipe - the ideal CCF is thin, soft and gives off rice flavour and aroma with every bite. 

CCF is served plain or with char siew 叉燒腸, mince pork 猪肉粉, beef 牛肉腸, fresh shrimps 蝦腸, dried shrimps 蝦米腸, you char kway 炸兩 etc folded into the roll. Malaysians have taken the traditional CCF further. The quintessentially Cantonese staple has been localised with Indian, Malay and Hakka influences.

I like the Malaysian way of eating CCF and the place for it in JB is at G. Cheong Fun.

G Cheong Fun serves different kinds of chee cheong fun with various sauces and Hakka yong tau foo style side dishes.

G Cheong Fun has kampar style CCF, Anson style (with bits of preserved turnip, fried shallot, dried shrimp embedded) and HK style char siew CCF (char siew roll). There are 4 types of dressing sauces - aromatic oil with light soy sauce, sweet savoury sauce, spicy savoury sauce, and curry sauce.

My favourite is the Kampar 金寶 style with curry sauce. Kampar is a small town 32km south of Ipoh in Malaysia's Perak state.

Kampar style chee cheong fun is made with rice sheets cut into long narrow strips like kway teow (rice ribbon noodles). At G Cheong Fun, the strips were quite thick but still smooth, soft and spongy.

We always have our chee cheong fun doused in curry sauce which was mildly sweet spicy savoury and it was layered with sweetness from the chee cheong fun.

At G. Cheong Fun, there are many side dishes to go with your CCF which can be quite bewildering for first timers. But after a while, I just fall back on my usual favourites.

The crispy deep fried items are popular but I always go for the softer stuff like steamed fried pork skin, steamed tofu skin, steamed long beans, sambal cockles and stewed chicken feet.

I didn't see much changes since I was first here in 2012, except that the Kampar style chee cheong fun are no longer hand cut, and the food are now delivered in this convenient multi-tiered caddie - simple and effective.

Our order today, kampar chee cheong fun with curry sauce, stewed chicken feet, steamed fried pork skin, steamed long beans, steamed tofu skin, meat roll, chili yong tau fu, and yam cake. 

We managed to forget to order sambal cockles this time 😂 Have not been here for too long already 😂 Don't make the same mistake as me if you like sambal and cockles - together, they are an unbeatable combination.

We enjoyed our CCF with steamed fried pork skin and steamed long beans which came splashed with curry sauce.

The steamed pork skin was like a soft mesh that sponged up the curry with all its sweet savoury flavours. Fold this together with the strands of Kampar chee cheong fun and we have an interesting mix of textures and flavours.

The steaming treatment softens the natural crunch in long beans but not completely.  

My favourite thing on this plate was the steamed fried tofu skin. Soft sweet CCF with soft savoury steamed fried tofu skin. Yums.

I am a big fan of Cantonese style yam cake. These at G. Cheong Fun with chunky pieces of yam embedded in the tender yam paste cake was flavoursome and aromatic. A bit of traditional Chinese 5-spice and fried dried shrimps provided the flavour accents.

👉 Chee cheong fun is easy to enjoy. I feel the Malaysian style is more fun to eat because there are more varieties of flavours, aromas and textures than the original rice rolls from HK and GZ. In JB, the place to get Malaysian style CCF is at G. Cheong Fun 怡保 (手工) 猪肠粉.

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Restaurant name: G. Cheong Fun Restaurant 
Address: 176, Jalan Pahlawan 2, Taman Ungku Tun Aminah, Johor Bahru 
GPS: 1.521331,103.663409 
Hours: 6:30am to 1:00pm (Closed on Tuesdays)  

Non Halal

Date visited: 10 Feb 2012, 22 Aug 2018

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