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Bakar Stingray @ Kak Long Tomyam in Meldrum Walk

There are several ikan bakar (BBQ fish) stalls in Meldrum walk. With so many choices, I had a hard time deciding on which stall I should bet my precious calories.

So I used the well tried and tested method of seeing where the crowds are congregating.

Then I took a look at the seafood on display to make sure that it is the freshest.

Finally, I observed the chef in action and the cooking process.

After due diligence, I settled for Kak Long. The stall is made up of two stalls - it looked popular and promising.

I picked a small stingray for RM18. It was big enough by itself to stuff two people.

The sambal sauce is spicy. While my fish was being cooked, the bubbling sambal aroma engulfed the alley and people nearest to it had their noses stung by the pungent smell. I love it but some  people may prefer a milder sauce.

The fish is skilfully and lovingly grilled by makcik (Malay for auntie). It made me feel like its mum's home cooking. The way she went about the process, it was obvious that makcik sincerely wanted us to enjoy her cooking which she did with much pride and loving care.

The end result was a perfectly done stingray. The entire fish turned out steaming hot, tender, oozing with naturally sweet juices, and spiced with hot chili sambal.

I thoroughly enjoyed this stingray. Nothing was left of the fish, not even a single bone. I forgot to take a picture of the bed of banana leaves, the only thing that was left after we were done.

Just recalling it to write this post makes my heart sing. Terima kasi makcik :-D

Restaurant name: Kak Long Tomyam
Address: Stall in Meldrum Walk in downtown Johor Bahru
Hours: to

Date visited: 13 Feb 2012


  1. Wah your new big prawn header very big and enticing! lol
    Thanks for adding me to your blogroll. You're already in mine!

  2. LOL Thanks! Took this picture at Kampung Kong Kong Tai Son. They taste as good as they look ;D Everytime I see the phrase "find dining" on my header I remember it is inspired by you ;P LOL "find dining" is literary what I do... THANKS!


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