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Tandoori Chicken and Naan @ Meldrum Walk in Downtown Johor Bahru

Authentic tandoori chicken and naan (Indian flat bread) made with the traditional clay oven (tandoor) for RM8? No kidding.

Salaam Tandoori Corner is the only tandoori stall in the popular Meldrum Walk. This stall is run by just one man - he does everything by himself. Besides making the naan and tandoori chicken, he delivers the food, collects and washes the used trays, and receives the money.

Watching the artistry of this man in swift action, is in itself an education in multitasking. Really respect this hardworking and cheerful gentleman.

Here is how he makes the naan.

Each piece of dough is kneaded by hand

Flattening the dough with a rolling pin

Putting the flattened dough into the tandoor (clay oven)

The dough stuck to the inside wall of the tandoor oven

The freshly baked naan just out of the tandoor oven

Quickly sliced with a pizza cutter while it is still hot
And now, time to grill the chicken using the traditional tandoor.

Putting the chopped chicken thigh marinated with yogurt, masala and spices into the oven

Chicken baking inside the oven with a ring of fire at the base

Sizzling hot tandoori chicken fresh out of the oven
The finishing touches - a dab of spice and squeeze of lime - before the tandoori chicken and naan is served
The complete set with tandoori chicken thigh, naan, dhal and mutton curry, all for RM8 
The chicken with some charred bits on the outside is fragrant, tender and moist inside, but not too spicy.

The thick naan is slightly crispy with browned bubbles on the outside and tenderly soft inside.

I love this humble stall. The tandoori chicken and naan are made in the traditional, authentic way and taste as good as any much more expensive Indian restaurant that I have tried before.

Restaurant name: Salaam Tandoori Corner
Address: Stall in Meldrum Walk in downtown Johor Bahru
GPS: 1.460045,103.764673
Hours: to

Date visited: 18 Feb 2012

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  1. This guy no more there I searched him all over the place and asked alot of ppls some says he moved to little india near masjid India but I went there still no sign of him...


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