Saturday, 4 February 2012

San Lou Bee Hoon @ Tai Son Seafood Resort 太子海鲜 in Kampung Kong Kong

San Lou bee hoon 三楼炒米粉 is an iconic Johor Bahru dish offered by several restaurants in Johor.

The version by the popular Tai Son Seafood Resort 太子海鲜 in Kampung Kong Kong is one of the best.

The aroma of fresh seafood stock greets you as the freshly fried bee hoon is brought to the table. San Lou bee hoon looks different from those fried in the ordinary way. San Lou bee hoon looks flattened after being pressed against a searing wok.

The top layer of bee hoon strands is caramelised and charred in some places. When you lift the top layer of bee hoon to start eating, a puff of aromatic steam of seafood stock escapes from the layer below. aaahhh.... smells wonderful. It is like lifting the lid covering a boiling pot of fragrant soup and the aromatic steam raises up your nose.

When you bite into a mouthful of this famous bee hoon, the crunchy slightly charred strands combine with the soft juicy strands which are infused with seafood stock. The fresh shrimp and slices of squid and fish cake with garnishing of chye sim (leafy green vegetable) and spring unions add further flavour and texture.  

These combine to create San Lou bee hoon - a unique taste with plenty of flavours and bite invented in Johor.

View of floating fish farm from Tai Son Seafood Resort

Tai Son seafood resort is set by the sea in Kampung Kong Kong. The kampung and sea side ambiance plus the salty sea breeze fragrance enhance the flavour and enjoyment of the dining experience.

Tai Son’s San Lou bee hoon and its outstanding fresh seafood dishes make it well worth the hour long drive from Johor Bahru to Kampung Kong Kong.

Restaurant name: Kong Kong Tai Son Seafood Resort 太子海鲜
Address: Lot 33, Kampung Kong Kong Laut, Masai, Johor
GPS: 1.51628,103.99847
Hours: (Sunday to Friday), (Saturday)
Non Halal

Date visited: 1 Feb 2012


  1. I love it v much

    1. Yes, it is delicious. I saw how the chef makes a plate of this. Not easy at all. Takes a lot of skill with the wok and fire.


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