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A. Jabar Kambing Soup @ Meldrum Walk in Downtown Johor Bahru

There are perhaps 6 or 7 kambing soup (Indian mutton soup) stalls in Meldrum Walk. They all looked popular and since I have not eaten at any here, I randomly picked one.

This stall like the others sell meat, tongue, stomach, ribs, shank (tulang), intestines and what looked like unmentionable organs. I saw customers given a bowl and tongs to pick the parts they want, just like the way customers pick what they want at yong tau foo stalls.

I ordered a mixed bowl to sample all the different parts.

The locals eat their kambing soup with a plate of rice or bread. I ate mine on its own - the way I am used to.

This bowl of mixed kambing soup for RM6 (SGD2.50)
It was my lucky day as my random choice turned out to be a good food find. My first sip of the rich, creamy, spicy, tasty soup and I was impressed.

The rich, creamy, spicy soup was delicious and fragrant. The characteristic aroma of mutton was only slight here. The soup was very smooth and had just the right body and texture. There was also very little oil (excessive oil is the bane of average kambing soup).

My mixed soup had at least a dozen good sized chunks of tender meat, stomach, and tendon. It was all flesh though I wouldn’t mind some bones. There was a piece of chewy sinew that added texture and fun of this soup.

Kambing soup is one of my life long favourites and I have been eating it for years in Singapore. Tried the famous stalls over the years. This one ranks with the best.

Sometimes, I get lumpy lumps in the soup. This one is completely smooth. Sometimes, I get a film of heavy oil floating on the surface. This one is pretty clear on top though I won’t know how much oil is suspended in the soup. Sometimes, I get watery thin soup. This one is creamy smooth, though not too thick.

The stall owner and his sole helper were busy but very friendly. I guess competition does wonders to the benefit of customers, who get good food with friendly service.

I also want to try the other kambing soup stalls at Meldrum Walk to see which is the best of them all.

Restaurant name: A. Jabar Sup Kambing
Address: Stall in Meldrum Walk in downtown Johor Bahru
GPS: 1.460045,103.764673
Hours: to

Date visited: 18 Feb 2012

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  1. RM6? That's reasonable. I have to pay RM10 or more for sup kambing in Bangsar. -_-

  2. Yes, these unsung heroes serve us so much goodness at a price most of us can comfortably afford. Ah yes, I remember my favourite kambing soup stall in Lucky Garden. The push cart stall with tables and chairs set in the five foot way. Nice!

  3. Hi Tony, I would like to share with you and all my all time favourite kambing sup stall which is also at Jalan Meldrum. The stall is called Daud Sup Kambing. Try this and see if it's one of the best in Malaysia.

    Johor Bob

  4. Hi Johor Bob, I must definitely give Daud a try. Thanks for the suggestion :)


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