Sunday, 30 September 2012

Food We Love - Pisang Goreng (Fried Bananas)

Pisang Goreng (fried banana) is a well loved, common street hawker snack in Johor.

Molten hot, banana flesh almost like sweet melted cheese wrapped in crispy, crunchy fried batter is a favourite tea time treat for many of us.

Chilling with friends at a pisang goreng stall, enjoying fried snacks with a cuppa of teh terik is a special kind of uniquely Malaysian bonding ritual.

Here are three pisang goreng stalls I love and I am sure that there are more, that I have yet to discover.

Pisang Mawar is arguably the most famous pisang goreng stall in Johor Bahru. Pisang Mawar is a cheerful place with constant streams of customers enjoying their tea here or bagging loads of goodies to take home.
Pisang Mawar has many Singaporean customers as it is located on a route convenient for Singaporean drivers to pick up bags of goodies on their way home.

Another famous Pisang Goreng stall, Sweet Banana has been selling their popular fried goodies from their push cart stall along Jalan Stulang Darat for many years before they recently relocated to their new premises at Stulang Walk.
Now customers can relax and enjoy the same Sweet Banana tasty fried goodies with comfortable seating and easy, ample free parking.

This pisang goreng stall in Taman Sri Skudai that does not really have a name, is a favourite place with residents who like to come here to take a break from the afternoon heat and catch up on the day's happenings in the neighbourhood.
It is not unusual for famous hawker stalls to have no name and yet everyone in the neighbourhood knows about them as it is the local landmark.

Share with us about your favourite pisang goreng stall by leaving a comment :)

Address: Off Jalan Sungai Chat in the direction of Woodlands/ Pusat Bandaraya. Next to Galeri Mawar and opposite the clock tower at Dataran Bandaraya.
Operating Hours: 1:00pm to 6:00pm
Nearest Parking Area: Ample free parking at location

Address: Stulang Walk ( at the junction of Jalan Stulang Darat and Jalan Stulang Laut)
Operating Hours: 1:00pm to 6:00pm (closed on Sunday)
Nearest Parking Area: Ample free parking at location

Name: No name (faded bamboo curtain bears the sign “GORENG2 ”)
Address: At the junction of Jalan Emas 7 and Jalan Emas 2, Taman Sri Skudai
Operating hours: 2:00pm to 5:00pm (closed on Sunday)
Nearest Parking Area: Ample free parking at location


  1. I love pisang goreng, but the ones around my house now are no good :( I do love the look of the ones you have posted here.

    Btw, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to you Tony! ;)

    1. hahaha Happy Mid Autumn festival to you and family too, Yan :)

  2. hello Tony, which one is selling the grated cheese on it?

    1. Hi Faezah, I am not sure if any of these have cheese. There was no cheese when I tasted it. Thanks.


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