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Ah Heng Char Kway Teow 亞興炒粿條 in Stulang Laut, Johor Bahru, Malaysia (This Stall is Closed.)

Look this plate of delicious char kway teow from Ah Heng Char Kway Teow 亞興炒粿條 in Stulang Laut.

Ah Heng's char kway teow is made with very humble and simple ingredients - just kway teow and/or yellow noodles, bean sprouts, cockles, a sliver of spring union and an egg with condiments like green chili pickle, sambal chili (if you ask for it). 

No fish cake, lup cheong, prawns or other "frills". Has always been like that - this is Teochew char kway teow, Ah Heng proudly declares.

Ah Heng's char kway teow uses no lard and is fried with peanut oil.

Ah Heng wields the spatula like a magic wand that turns humble ingredients
into a mouth watering, smokey plate of char kway teow

Simple as it is, Ah Heng's char kway teow has been attracting generations of fans for nearly forty years. Ah Heng's customers include generations of students at the Foon Yew high school near by, guests from the nearby Zon hotel, day trippers from Singapore, and out of town folks who know their JB food. 

With forty years of wielding that time worn spatula and wok, Ah Heng mastered the art of turning the humble ingredients into one of the most popular char kway teow in JB.

The kway teow is slightly charred - I love my char kway teow this way.

The slightly charred bean sprouts remained plump, juicy, crunchy and sweet. Now, that's mastery :)

As I like my char kway teow spicy hot, I asked Ah Heng for his homemade sambal chili. I love it as the sambal was loaded with fresh ground chili, unions, and garlic.

Look at these plump, fresh cockles. Ah Heng buys live cockles and patiently shells them, one by one, every day. On customers' special request to have their cockles medium rare, Ah Heng will just put the hot char kway teow on top of the cockles.

As Johor Kaki was car less for a few days because my car was in the workshop for repairs, I walked to Ah Heng's famous char kway teow stall from the CIQ. It was a hot day under the blistering sun but the scenery along Jalan Ibrahim Sultan was pretty and there was a constant sea breeze from the Johor Straits.

Ah Heng char kway teow is the corner stall in Khye Cheang kopitiam. We can see the Straits and enjoy the sea breeze from here too.

Char Kway Teow

Click on the picture of the see ham to watch the excellent Fatbook 非食不可 programme featuring Ah Heng Char Kway Teow.

Restaurant name: Ah Heng Char Kway Teow 亞興炒粿條
Address: Junction of Jalan Ibrahim Sultan and Jalan Serai
GPS: 1.468616,103.780438
Hours: 7:00am to 3:00pm (Closed on alternate Weds)
No pork, no lard

Date visited: 12 Sep 2012

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  1. i can 'smell' and 'taste' the smokey, wok hei char kway teow from SG. yummy! now i am hungry!

    1. LOL FoodieFC, come and try it :)

    2. Hey, if you like wok hei, you should try the penang char kway teow stall at meldrum walk, its next to the private carpark, opposite the police station.

      Beware, there are two char kway teow stalls. this one is fried by a lady.

      The other stall is more traditional style, fried by a man...equally popular, but wok hei not as good as the lady's stall.

  2. over the past 3 years that stretch has gotten increasingly dangerous. i was mugged there twice in broad daylight (lucky i managed to run across the road and both occasions they didnt get anything) and once a drunk guy from zon smashed my mum's side view mirror as she was waiting at the traffic light. on another occasion a drunk malay guy on a motorbike followed me and my girlfriend on the pavement. not sure what his intentions were but luckily i thought quickly and headed towards the sultan's yacht and asked the ghurka guard there for assistance. really do not recommend walking along that area if there are not many people around, and if you do, make sure you walk facing oncoming traffic. the two times where they attempted to mug me they approach from behind on motorcycle. a mutual friend of ours (who runs a certain johor facebook page) also got beaten up and robbed there.

    1. Thanks. Appreciate it. Oh, I have been asking the hawkers in this area about your favourite ikan bakar stall. Seems that the stall have move further up the road a few years ago, and then completely out of the area a couple of years later. People here seems to have lost touch with him. Still looking :D

    2. thanks! the only other ikan bakar i know of that is similar to the one that guy did is all the way in KL at jalan alor near the famous chicken wings stall lol. apparently 50 cent and a few famous western celebrities were spotted eating at that stall in jalan alor surrounded by bodyguards when they come to kl to perform...

  3. Bro JK, another good recommendation for CKT...ate there for lunch today and tarpao an extra large portion back...hoot ah!!

  4. Des anyone know where to get the traditional jb char kuey teow? The type with the sweet black sauce that used to sell in the old ipoh restaurant that is now the parking lot opposite landmark mall? Really miss that. It must have been close to 20 years since the guy retired.

  5. Went today, Ah Heng is no longer there! Anyone knows where he went?

    1. Just got sad news that Ah Heng suffered a stroke.

  6. He had a stroke and no longer in business.

    1. I am so sorry and sad to receive this news. Wish Ah Heng the best. Thank you for the update.

  7. tragedy struck with the boss Ah heng as he had a stroke and now unable to continue with his business.

    1. Sorry for the sad news. We wish Ah Heng the best.


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