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Goreng 2 in Taman Sri Skudai, Johor Bahru, Malaysia


This is the kind of stall that inspired me to start Johor Kaki blog. Corner stall in a quiet neighbourhood. Been there for longer than anyone can remember. Everyone, young and old, all races, stop by and pick up a brown paper bag of hot goodies and go merrily on their way.

When I asked the boss, Enche Arifin, what is the name of his stall, he shrugged and said it doesn't really have a name. No one ever asked him this question! :)

I walked around the stall and found the faintly visible words "Goreng 2" on the sun bleached bamboo shades.

Goreng 2 has a cosy dining area, where we can sit down in the cool to enjoy our goreng goreng and a teh tarik. For years, people from all walks of life had been stopping by, to relax a while and to catch up on the neighbourhood news.

A regular customer told me that there are other goreng goreng stalls in the area but Goreng 2 is the most popular.

My favourite is their goreng pisang (fried banana fritter).

The batter was crispy while the banana inside was nicely cooked.

The banana melted in the hot oil and turned into a molten, sweet, creamy paste. This was one of the best goreng pisang that I have tasted so far.


Spring rolls


Goreng 2 has many other hot goodies - all good fried fritters with good crispy crusts and piping hot insides.

Drop by, take a break or pick up some hot goreng goreng at Goreng 2, if you are around Taman Sri Skudai.

Restaurant name: Goreng 2 Fried Fritters
Address: Off Jalan Emas 7, Taman Sri Skudai, Skudai
GPS: 1.543660,103.652433
Hours: 2:00pm to 5:00pm (closed on Sunday)

Date visited: 14 Sep 2012

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  1. goreng2 is short for goreng-goreng.malays commonly add the superscript or subscript 2 to signify that multiple, so if translated into english its not really a name, its like saying burger place. this is a fried stuff place.

  2. can i correct the business hour....this stall never closed..melainkan ada hal-hal yg xdpt dielakkan...enjoy eating :-)

  3. ahhahh! goreng2 only beside my office! hari2 can eat meh!


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