Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Pau Roslan in Kampung Malayu Majidee, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

I went tracking down Pau Roslan in Kampung Malayu Majidee on the suggestion of reader Sarahsafri. Pau Roslan's paus were tasty - thank you, Sarahsafri for the introduction :)

We had a nice experience looking for Pau Roslan :) Not wanting to use my GPS as I don't want a flat handphone battery, I usually drive around and use my instincts to locate the eatery.

Finding Pau Roslan turned out to be a little more tricky, as I still could not spot the shop after a couple of turns around Kampung Malayu Majidee. So I stopped at a gerai and asked the friendly people there for directions.

At this point, a nice, little old makcik overheard our conversation and asked in Malay whether we were looking for Pau Roslan. When we replied, yes, she offered to come in our car as her home was not far from Pau Roslan.

We immediately agreed and helped the nice, little old lady and her bags of groceries which she bought at the nearby GIANT supermarket into our car. We had a nice conversation with the every little bit of Malay that I could muster :P

The little old makcik lived across the road from Pau Roslan.

This was only the retail shop as Roslan's paus are made in a factory in Bandar Uda.

The paus in various flavours were sold frozen. They have pau kacang, kaya, ayam, lembu, sate, and kelapa. There were steamed paus too at the shop but we wanted to try the frozen ones to see if this could be another item or convenience food good enough to tapau (bungkus or take away) back to Singapore or Malacca/ KL.

We bought the sate and the lembu (beef) flavours. Considering that these were frozen paus, Roslan's paus were surprising good.

Two things stood out, namely, the skin and the fragrance of the fillings.

The skin was thick but nicely soft, fluffy and just slightly sweet. Very good skin for a steamed, frozen pau.

The fillings, both the sate and beef, were made of ground ingredients. It was not possible to see exactly what they were made of - there bits of mashed meat, potatoes and onions. But, in terms of flavour and aroma, they were excellent :)

The spices in the fillings were like perfume that ran up our nose. Roslan's paus were spicy with a slight hot sting on the lips and tongue that fades away very quickly - nice!

I found myself reminding family and friends to pick up some frozen paus from Pau Roslan whenever they are in the Kampung Malayu Majidee/ Larkin area.

Restaurant name: Pau Roslan
Address: 43, Jalan Kenangan, Kampung Malayu Majidee, Johor Bahru
Map: http://goo.gl/maps/IJ69G
GPS: 1.504288,103.750231
Hours: 8:00am to 5:00pm

Date visited: 6 Sep 2012


  1. did you happen to find out the address for the manufacturing in uda? my girlfriend lives there, more convenient for us to pick up some frozen pau's from there. thanks in advance!

  2. i like the coconut filling, I usually buy it from the drink stall at gelang patah rest stop. from tuas checkpoint , after johore immigration there is a highway rest stop. one of the drink stall there sells pau roslan , including some frozen packs.

  3. Went there yesterday and bought mini pau satay and cili padi.... sedap

  4. Went there yesterday and bought frozen pack (mini pau cili padi and satay) and tapau ayam, lembu, kacang and satay. sedap.


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