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Wanton Noodles in Koon Chong Kopitiam, Taman Sri Terbrau, Johor Bahru, Malaysia 許记云吞面

One of the ways I discover good food finds is simply to ask my favourite hawkers who are their own favourite hawkers.

When I asked my favourite Penang prawn mee seller who is his favourite hawker, he nominated 許记 (no English name) wanton mee.

So today, I made a trip to Xuan Hua kopitiam in Taman Sri Terbrau to try out 許记 wanton mee - my favourite prawn mee seller's favourite. (許记 has moved around the corner to Koon Chong kopitiam.)

Well, you can pretty much trust a good hawker to recognise another good hawker.

許记 makes their own signature wanton noodles which they take special pride in. 許记's whole egg wanton noodles 全蛋面 has that distinct QQ crunchiness or al dente in spaghetti speak. QQ wanton noodles are not hard to find in JB, but 許记's whole egg wanton noodles are surprisingly striking.

When I mentioned to 許记's boss, MR Koh that his super crunchy noodles reminded me of Chin Chin's 晶晶 wanton noodles in Skudai, he explained that they learnt their art from the same sifu (master). This sifu has only two disciples, 許记 and 晶晶.

MR Koh hails from Pontian, the home of Pontian wanton mee fame. MR Koh said that he grew up on Heng Heng wanton mee, the originator of the famous Pontian wanton mee. MR Koh was fascinated by how to make a good wanton mee and followed his passion for the last 20 years.

I can see and taste MR Koh's passion in the bowl of  許记 wanton mee.

許记's signature crunchy wanton noodles is mixed with a slightly tangy, spicy sauce with a delicate lard flavour. 

At 許记, the well co-ordinated husband and wife team paid attention to the little details that set their wanton mee above the others.

MR Koh boils the noodles, wantons, and vegetables in six different compartments so that the tastes and flavours are kept separate and not contaminate each other.

MRS Koh slices the char siew only when an order is made.

This called for extra work and longer time to deliver a bowl of wanton mee but ensures that the char siew slices do not dry out by exposure to air (dry and stringy char siew is a common problem in other stalls).

Even this green chili pickle is extra crunchy, as only the required quantity is made every day to ensure its freshness. You will never find limp and soggy green chili in 許记.

The best wantons I have eaten so far have smooth and slippery wanton skins and soft minced pork fillings with nice sesame marinate fragrance. 許记's wontans outdid that -  許记's wontan's are smooth, slippery, soft, fragrant and on top of that, the wanton's thin skin has that same al dente bite as the noodles. Wow! that's something.

As I was slurping up my 許记 noodles, my favourite prawn mee man popped over and asked me how I found his recommendation. I gave him a big grin and two thumbs up, without a moment's hesitation :)

Restaurant name:  許记云吞面 stall in Xuan Hua Koon Chong kopitiam
Address: Junction of Jalan Keris and Jalan Kelewang in Taman Sri Tebrau (opposite Wisma Tionghua)
GPS: 1.487101,103.769235
Hours: 7:00am to 2:00pm (closed on Weds)
Non Halal

Date visited: 6 Sep 2012

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  1. Yep! Best wantanmee in Jb. I always order the Pontian style with tomato ketchup. Eat there at least once a week .

  2. Try the wanton noodle opposite the church ... much nicer n also his curry mee

    1. Yes, I heard about it. Shall try that soon :) Thanks for suggesting.

  3. Popped by on the 10 jan 2012 around 1.30pm. Ordered two variation, one with chili and the other normal and a bowl of wonton soup. The noodles are indeed very Q. The seasoning is also balanced and the wontons are smooth and fresh.

    Ordered another plate to taste, this time chili and without lard, the taste was off and the noodles taste of coated chili Powder. Ordered take away of 10 packets (no chili) 5 normal and 5 no lard brought it back and freeze immediately and they were consumed over the next 5 days. Their noodles certainly has retained its Q ness despite after several days and flavor although has deviated a little but still acceptable.


    1. wow Steven, you like wanton mee alot :)

    2. Yeah Tony, I am a sucker for Wonton mee :-), remember I told you I would love to join you one day if you ever plan to start a food trail on Wonton mee in Facebook sometime ago....I have yet to try the rest listed in the blog as their timing and location is a little off for me as I am not living in Johor, hopefully one day I will be able to. Till then keep posting, you have done a marvelous job!


    3. LOL Steven, glad you had fun! In your wanton trails, share with us what I am missing and I go try them too :P Hey, perhaps, we can go together to check out your favs that I have not tried :))

  4. wow, me also grow up with Heng Heng noodle! Must go try! TQ for reviewing this noodle stall!

  5. try ho seng kee the one near to 11@century opp a gas station. love their wanton mee and wonder whether anyone compared this?

  6. Yes, I have tried Ho Seng Kee. I have blogged about it as it is one of my favourites too. Thank you.

  7. Seems they have moved. Was there this morning and the stall was gone. Anyone know where they have gone too?

  8. Tried the wantan mee for lunch today... after almost two hours of getting through causeway. And yes, the noodles are smooth and tasty. Sauce was also very tasty. I had mine with tomato sauce. Thanks for the great recommendation.

  9. I eat at this store at xuan huan kopitiam at least once a week. I prefer the wantan mee with tomato sauce. Taste better than those in Pontian where the noodles are too thick. After a while, I kind of know how to order - less lard and more hot water on the tasty soup which I found too tasty for me esp after a few hours boiling in the hot pot. Best in JB!


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