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Sembawang White Bee Hoon (You Huak) White Restaurant Singapore 友发餐室白米粉


I have tried Sembawang White Bee Hoon before it became so famous because I lived near by. I was passing by today at lunch. It was raining heavily, so I dashed for shelter inside my old haunt and try to warm myself with white bee hoon - You Huak's claim to fame.


For those who haven't heard about Sembawang white bee hoon yet, this rice vermicelli dish is the signature of You Huak restaurant, named after the boss/ founder Mr Tay King Huak. You Huak's signature dish became so famous that most people refer to the restaurant simply as "Sembawang white bee hoon". Not many know it's actual name, You Huak restaurant. Going with the flow of public opinion, You Huak restaurant has been officially renamed, White Restaurant. (They have another outlet at Ponggol Settlement and soon, in Sun Plaza too.)

I was alone, so I ordered only one plate of white bee hoon :-D


The smallest serving costs SGD5, which is big enough for most guys alone.

Inside the white plate, it was mostly bee hoon, which is expected as after all this dish is called white bee hoon. The bee hoon had a nice soft bouncy bite and there was lots of bee hoon in the plate.

Two good size prawns (shelled) - quite fresh. A few small pieces of cut squid. Some bits and strips of choy sum greens. The sloshy yellowish white coloured sauce had beaten eggs added in. A fresh lime sat on the side.


The sweet eggy savoury sauce is Sembawang White Bee Hoon's signature. This rather addictive sauce is based on chicken and seafood stock. The sauce is light on the palate yet it has depth of flavour and a velvety punch.


I remember I was quite stunned by my first mouthful of this white bee hoon, years back. It was different from the usual zhi cha 煮炒 fare, and unexpectedly delightful. Over the years, I still enjoy this white bee hoon but the initial infatuation is gone now. Love becomes like, perhaps because of familiarity.


You Huak's own chili sauce which is spicy hot and sourish.

I have tried You Huak's other dishes before but couldn't remember anything except for their unique white bee hoon and their crispy "Meat & Seafood Roll" 虾栆.

I'll drop by when I am nearby at meal time. If you have not tasted white bee hoon before, it's worth the trip to Sembawang to try it.


Restaurant nameYou Huak Restaurant 友发餐室 / White Restaurant
Address22 Jalan Tampang (Opp Sembawang Shopping Centre) Singapore 758966
GPS1.441497, 103.823682
Tel: 9843 4699
Hours11.30am to 10.30pm (Closed on Weds)

Non Halal

Date visited: 24 Nov 2015

How do you like Sembawang white bee hoon? Where else can we get this in Singapore/ Malaysia?

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