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Mad About Sucre French Cuisine and Patisserie in Singapore Teo Hong Road JK1533


I suggested Mad About Sucre for our meet up based on Pearl's strong recommendation. This is definitely one of the better cosy places in Singapore for small group, intimate meet ups over good food and excellent desserts. The attentive service by the passionate staff added to our overall great experience.


Stepping inside Mad About Sucre, it's a small, narrow space with mood lighting and decor which could be anywhere in Paris, London, or New York City until you step out into Teo Hong Road with charming conservation pre-War Nanyang Chinese style shop houses 😆

(The lighting is a little dim for photography, so please pardon the not too sharp photos 🙏) 

Partner and owner-chef Eric patiently guided us through the menu, joining in with our usually silly banter and helped us with our selection. It's a micro lesson on French cuisine and cake appreciation. Eric explained that the Provincial dishes in their "Summer Menu" are inspired by home style cooking from various French provinces (e.g. Bordeaux, Brittany, Normandy, Provence etc). (I didn't know it was Chef Eric as I prefer to visit restaurants "blind and anonymous" by not reading up about it beforehand so that I can get exactly the same experience as all other customers.)


We started with an appetising salad of smoked salmon, prawns, leafy greens and small squares of baked pita bread for four of us to share.

The smoked wild salmon and grilled fresh prawns were tossed with leafy greens and splashes of vinaigrette of summer lemon and French organic honey blend. Eric emphasised that no salt is used in his salads, yet it was full of flavours (all natural).


The interesting mix of texture and sweet savoury flavours whetted our appetites. (I was late, so the rest must be more hungry 😝 ) I especially love the juicy prawn's bouncy crunch and crustacean sweetness with a slight smokiness.


We shared this salmon done medium. Actually, we shared everything.

It's sashimi grade Norwegian fresh salmon served with a mildly savoury creamy hollandaise sauce of Spanish garlic, Iranian saffron, paprika, and light herbs. The flavourful hollandaise sauce is so thick it's almost like a paste.

We all unanimously liked the soft and juicy wild salmon. This was our favourite dish of the evening 👍


Linguine Aglio Olio with grilled fresh king prawn.

We love that huge juicy sweet prawn enveloped with savoury flavours and subtle smokey taste. The layered savoury aromatic sauce was great too.

We prefer the pasta to be slightly stiffer which would have made it al dente.


Stew of rib eye, French pinot noir, and root vegetable.

The beef was tender and juicy but slightly on the overly savoury side for our taste buds.


Confit of duck leg, sauce of Grand Marnier orange flavoured liqueur and bitter orange with gratin potatoes.

Confit duck is one of my two favourite French dishes - the other is foie gras. (I didn't order foie gras today as the others are not fans of it.)


The confit duck leg was tender and juicy. The meat was quite robustly savoury. We love the soft skin as it was more balanced between sweet and savouriness. Eaten together with the gooey savoury citrusy sauce, the confit duck was just perfect.

ok... we wiped the plate clean. The sauce was too good, (though the ladies are young) we are old buddies and nobody is shy 😛


Come to Mad About Sucre must of course taste their legendary cakes.

This is the Cirque De Gavarnie.

The cake is inspired by it's namesake Cirque de Gavarnie, a majestic valley in the central Pyrenees, in south-western France which is 800 m wide (at the deepest point) and 3000 m wide at the top. (But, honestly hor... I cannot see the connection with this tasty cake leh 😛)

A lychee custard laid on an oat base and crowned with red hawthorn jelly. Nice play of gentle lychee flavour and perfume-like fragrance with soft nutty grittiness from the oat and a touch of zesty sourness from the red hawthorn.


Chocolat Noir (black chocolate).

The soft base is Mexican 66% dark chocolate and 100% dark French chocolate - no sugar, all chocolate, the sweetness for balance comes from the French chocolate which has some natural sweetness. The sexy curves of the almond cream and chocolate meringue added more natural sweetness and visual appeal to this pretty delicious dessert.

As I prefer my desserts with more assertive flavours, I enjoyed this black chocolate more.

We had two pots of floral tea to go with the food and cakes as suggested by owner-chef Eric. We enjoyed the teas and Eric made sure that the tea pots were constantly filled even though the restaurant was busy with a full house.

How time flies when we are having a good time. Soon, it was already past closing time but none of the staff hurried us nor in any way made us feel it was time to go. Of course, the moment we realised that it was past 10:00pm we graciously made our graceful exit.


👍 We had a good time at Mad About Sucre. The company was great. We enjoyed the food together. We liked everything we ordered (I highlighted those we liked most). The service was superb - it was warm and from the heart. I recommend Mad About Sucre for small, intimate get togethers.


Restaurant name: Mad About Sucre 
Address: 27 Teo Hong Rd, Singapore 088334 (50 paces from Outram Park MRT station)
GPS1.279977, 103.840693 / 1°16'47.9"N 103°50'26.5"E
Hours: 12:30am to 10:00pm | Closed at 5:00pm on Sunday (Closed whole day on Monday)  
Tel: 6221 3969

Non Halal

Date visited: 23 Jun 2016

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