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Oh! So this is the Famous Chow Kiat Klang Bak Kut Teh ● Now then I Know 超吉美味肉骨茶


Went to Klang today to hunt for bak kut teh. Driving around the old town, we stumbled upon a familiar bak kut teh shop, the one which I used to eat at when I was working in KL over a decade ago.


For the first time I noted the name of the bak kut teh shop - it's Restoran Chow Kiat 超吉美味肉骨茶. In the old days before I started food blogging, I seldom note the name of the shops - in this case, it's the "corner bak kut teh shop next to the mall".

It's the first Klang bak kut teh that I have eaten and I frequently come back to this one (before I started blogging). The street is a little dark and the weathered signboard isn't lighted up, so it's a bit hard to spot.


Chow Kiat bak kut teh shop hasn't changed much, if at all. Laid back, spartan, slightly grimy, customers look mostly local (I mean Klang local and not even folks from KL). I like the air of authenticity and a certain small town, laid back nostalgia here.


Chow Kiat serves pork shank (tai kuat 大骨 in Cantonese), trotter (sai kuat 小骨), elbow (kawan 脚弯 in Hokkien), prime rib, rib, soft rib 软骨, intestines, and chicken feet. Chow Kiat serve their bak kut teh in the old way, in little individual cockerel porcelain bowls (not in claypot). They have you char kway 油炸粿 but no preserved vegetable, stir fried lettuce, tofu, peanut, ngoh hiang, otak otak, and other such distractions. Chow Kiat also does not have dry bak kut teh.

As we were here at nearly 8:00pm, only trotter and small intestines were left. Chow Kiat operates from 5:30pm till sold out (usually at 10:00pm but the popular cuts will all be gone by 8:00pm).

Mdm Gan ran Chow Kiat bak kut teh for some thirty years.

(Another group of people run Chow Kiat shop during the morning till noon, serving their own version of Klang bak kut teh. Both sessions of Chow Kiat have their loyal fans.)


We had trotter - I like the meat, bone, fat and skin all together each with their own texture. Overall, it's degrees of softness and tenderness - the fat is the softest while the meat has a firm tenderness to the bite. The pork's natural porcine sweetness is complemented by sweet savouriness with subtle herbal hints infused from the medium bodied soupy broth.


I drank up all the broth like a heavy dark sweet savoury herbal tea. It was not greasy.

It's gentle flavour is likeable and comforting - one which draws me back but it is not one which makes me go crazy and rave about. There's no frills, no razzle, no dazzle, just good old bak kut teh for the old soul.


We also had chicken feet, which I always order when I am at Chow Kiat. The chicken feet are cooked till soft in the same bak kut teh broth as the pork.


The sweet fat in this "sai kuat" is hard core heart stopping - not for the faint hearted 😄 (So..... this was what I was having before my heart bypass in 2021.... 🤭 )


The bill for all the food and rice was RM28 altogether (2016).

👍 Down to earth minimalist Klang bak kut teh with comforting flavours that made me fell in love with it unconsciously and stayed faithful 😋

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Restaurant nameRestoran Chow Kiat 超吉美味肉骨茶
AddressJalan Kapar, Kawasan 18, Klang, Selangor, Malaysia
GPS3.050657, 101.448347 / 3°03'02.4"N 101°26'54.0"E
Hours: 5:30pm to 10:00pm (morning & lunch session is operated by another group of people. Both sessions have their fans)

Written by Tony Boey on 8 Jun 2016 | Reviewed 1 Aug 2023

🎗 Opinions in this blog are all my own as no restaurant or stall paid money to be featured

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