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Curry Sah Hor Fun at Kee Kim Huat Coffee Shop in Johor Bahru 成记咖哩河粉 JK1507


Sah Hor Fun 沙河粉 is a flat rice ribbon noodle originally from the Shahe 沙河 region of Guangzhou, China. I think people from Shahe would never imagine what happened to their staple food when it came to Malaysia. The versatile Sah Hor Fun rice noodle is eaten in many ways - stir fried, served in soup, and in a uniquely Malaysian fusion - bathed in a flood of spicy chicken curry.


In Johor Bahru, I get my curry sah hor fun fix from 成記 stall in Kee Kim Huat kopitiam in Taman Sri Tebrau (it's a corner coffee shop between Sri Tebrau Hawker Centre and the Tionghua Building 中華大夏.


Boss Ah Seng who is always well groomed and well dressed, ran this little stall for over 30 years with his wife. Their son now also works at the stall.


成記's curry sah hor fun comes with slices of char siew, large chunks of curry chicken and some choy sum (greens).


The curry cling tightly to the soft flat rice noodles. In the mouth, it's a blend of lovely sweet, savoury, spicy flavours with spice and coconut milk aromas. The curry is slightly slick with chili oil.

The shrivelled char siew was just passable but the chicken was delightful even though it was the breast - the white meat was tender with chicken taste still discernable.


 👍 成记 serves a tasty time tested version of the unique Malaysian fusion of soft Chinese rice noodle with spicy Indian and Malay inspired curry chicken. It's a place I like to bring Hong Kong or China friends to give them a surprise.


Restaurant name: Seng Kee 成记 stall inside Kee Kim Huat coffee shop 纪金发茶餐室 
Address: 80, Jalan Badik, Taman Sri Tebrau, Johor Bahru 
GPS: 1.487037,103.768782 / 1°29'13.3"N 103°46'07.6"E 
Hours: 6:00am to 11:00am (the chicken curry often runs out by 09:30) (closed on Monday)  

Non Halal  

Date visited: 25 July 2012, 5 Sep 2012, 2 Jun 2016 

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