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Redhill Kway Chap · Shi Le Yuan · The Best Thing is the Bowl of Kway 實叻園


Stalking Redhill Market and Food Centre, I noticed that Shi Le Yuan 實叻園 kway chap is one of the few stalls with a long queue. There is a line of 6 to 10 people the whole time I was at the food centre till the stall closed at 1pm 😲 I joined the queue after trying another stall and was one of their last customers today - lucky me 😄

Stall name: Shi Le Yuan 實叻園

Address: Redhill Market & Hawker Centre, 85 Redhill Lane, stall #01-82, Singapore 150085

Nearest MRT: 5 minutes walk from Redhill station

Tel: 9857 7850

Hours: 7:00am - 1:00pm (Mon off)


Redhill food centre is large, with some 100 food stalls. The clientele is mostly aging residents with some workers from offices nearby for lunch. Busy during breakfast and lunch, most stalls are closed in the evenings.


At Shi Le Yuan, 
I got pork intestines (large only), stomach and skin with a bowl of kway (rice noodles). All these for $6.50. These were the only food left as the stall is near closing time.


The intestines were soft-tender with a subtle soft-crunch -  I like the texture. It was well cleaned and tasted gently savoury sweet with a bit of porcine flavour. I like it.


The braised pig skin was soft, smooth and infused with the braising stock's mild savoury sweet flavours.

The pork stomach was also soft-tender but softer than intestines and had less flavour except for the gently savoury braising stock. Between the three - intestine, skin and stomach - I like the stomach least.


We can help ourselves to the crispy fried shallot and aromatic oil which added their flavour and aroma to the bowl of kway.


The best thing from Shi Le Yuan in my opinion is the soup in the bowl of kway.

Whereas most kway chap places serve their kway in water from blanching the kway flavoured with a splash of braising stock, here at Shi Le Yuan, the kway is served in mostly braising stock.

The braising stock is viscous, thick with depth of savoury sweet flavours. (I am not sure if I am getting more braising stock because I was one of the last customers of the day i.e. they were "clearing stock" so to speak.)


The kway was soft, smooth and flavoured with the lovely braising stock clinging to its side.


I enjoyed this kway chap -  it compares very well with my other favourites though the braised offals taste slightly milder in intensity. The kway, however, is better than any that I can remember because of the viscous, flavourful stock.


Chai Chee Kway Chap 菜市粿汁. Another of my preferred kway chap stalls 👈👈 click


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