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Best of Taman Jurong Hawker Centre · Three Levels of Good Food! Ol' Sixty Stalls 六十档


This well loved food haven began life in 1972 as Yung Sheng Food Centre - the first food centre built under Singapore's hawker centre building programme. It was known affectionately as "Sixty Stalls 六十档" as it had 60 stalls then. It was later demolished, combined with Taman Jurong Market to become Taman Jurong Market & Food Centre which opened in 2005.

Ol' Sixty Stalls 六十档 image courtesy of National Archives of Singapore

Located in Singapore's far west, Taman Jurong serves the factory workers and residents of Singapore's industrial estate. Though there are fewer factories in Jurong today, the food in Taman Jurong still has the old school, gut filling appeal and affordability of its heyday. I've known ol' Sixty Stalls since my days in Jurong Camp (HQ 3 Div).

Taman Jurong Market & Food Centre

Address: 3 Yung Sheng Road, Singapore 618499

Nearest MRT: 10 - 15 minutes walk from Lakeside station


Ng Kee Teochew Fish Ball Kuay Teow Mee stall #02-64 opens 6am - 2pm (Mon, Sat & Sun off). This stall has an invisible queue. The stall takes your orders and tells you when to come back to collect your food - usually 1 hour 😬 Is it worth it? Well, they have lots of regulars who wait patiently for their fix of old school lardy savoury mildly spicy soft-crunchy mee pok noodles. The fish balls are generic but the $4 bowl comes with generous toppings of pork slices, liver, fish cake slices, prawn and a fish dumpling. If greasy, slurpy old style noodles are your idea of comfort dish, this could be for you too.


Feng Zhen Lor Mee stall #03-146 opens 5am - 3pm (Sun & Mon off). One of my favourite lor mee in Singapore. I am told bus loads of Malaysians come here for the lor mee during pre-Covid days. For $4, the bowl is loaded with lots of ingredients - flaky pulled fried ikan batang fish, crusty fried minced pork ball, braised pork belly, fish cake slices, etc. The savoury starchy lor can be spiked with optional raw garlic, black vinegar, chopped coriander, chili sauce, cut chili, etc to your heart's delight. Swee lah.


水粿 Chwee Kueh stall #02-67 opens 6am - 1pm daily. Freshly handmade chwee kueh by an over 80 year old hawker. Uncle Peng is retiring soon (in about a year). He makes everything himself at the little stall - chwee kueh, cai poh garnish, chili sauce, etc. His steamed rice cakes are relatively dense, firm and have a subtle rice taste. The lard free cai poh spiked with sesame seeds is mildly savoury sweet. His chili sauce is also mildly spicy.


Tien Lai Rice Stall #02-66 opens 10am - 1pm (Sat off). Always a long queue at Tien Lai before it opens as it provides a filling, affordable, delicious lunch of roasts and rice for the lunch crowd. Everything - duck, pork belly, char siew - are freshly roasted at the little stall. All are nicely done - the siew yok (sio bak) has crackly skin and tender meat, roast duck has crispy skin and juicy meat, and char siew is soft-tender, succulent. All have the right balance of complex savoury flavours. Sells out quickly 😬


JJ Sarawak Noodle stall #03-127 opens 7am - 6pm daily. This stall used to be popular at a coffee shop in nearby Hong Kah Point but have gone under the radar since they moved here in late 2021. They serve good Sarawak kolo mee with crunchy noodles with lardy savoury sauce, lean char siew, minced pork and fried wanton. They also have Sarawak laksa which use spices very different from Singapore laksa.


Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle (De Ji) stall #02-85 opens 7am - 2pm (Mon off). Tender, succulent, juicy poached chicken infused with savoury flavours from soya sauce and spice blend. Very competitive pricing.


Nam Hong Coffee Stall #02-88 opens 8am - 8pm daily. This drink stall has the longest queue in the hawker centre because it serves robust kopi (coffee) at the cheapest price. I got nothing more to add to that 😬 except that... I always get my coffee from this stall when I am here.


58 Minced Meat Noodle stall #03-150 opens 8am - 2pm (Tues & Weds off). Old school bak chor mee established in 1973 with lots of loyal fans. The soft mee pok noodles are well smothered in a quite robust complex lardy, savoury, spicy, zesty tangy sauce and topped with generous amounts of blanched minced pork, lean pork slices, pork liver, stewed shiitake mushroom, crunchy lard croutons, etc. I am craving it as I write this now 🤣


Not inside the hawker centre but across the road at Taman Jurong Shopping Centre, there are some more good food stalls over there.


58 Minced Meat Noodle stall inside 399 Food Court opens 9am - 2pm daily. Over here, you get the same 58 MM noodles with the same blend of robust sauces and generous toppings but eat in air con comfort and the queue is much shorter. This stall is run by the 58 MM Noodle family. Thank me later 😬


Seri Muslim Food inside 399 Food Court opens 9:30am - 9pm daily. Always a long queue for their Malay staples of nasi campur (economic rice), dry mee siam, mee rebus, lontong, gado gado, nasi lemak., etc. Delicious and very affordable. Trust the wisdom of crowds 😄 


Your favourite stall(s) not on this list? 😤 (For example, I haven't tried the famous BBQ Seafood stall #03-178 which opens at night 😬✌🙇 )

Don't be mad at me 😱

Let me know your favourite(s) by dropping a comment 🙏

I promise that I will visit your suggested stall as soon as possible. I may add the stall to this list. If not, at the very least, I will reply to your comment in detail after visiting your suggested stall.

Thank you for helping make this list more useful 🙏

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