Monday, 5 March 2012

Cendol at Adham @ Md. Zain in Taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru

I chanced upon this popular mobile cendol stall which is just beside the Maybank branch in Taman Pelangi along Jalan Pingai in Johor Bahru.

This stall, run by a cheerful young couple, does a brisk business serving office workers in the area who need a delicious cold dessert on sizzling hot days. I saw customers ordering cendols to take away by bundles of sixes or sevens.

What impressed me, besides the cheerfulness and inspiring pride of the stall holders, was that the ice was hand shaved. Something that is rather uncommon these days.

In my opinion, ice shaved by hand with a manual ice shaver has a texture and therefore taste that motorised shavers cannot match. Eating a cendol with hand shaved ice also triggers fond memories of the best times of my childhood. This certainly makes the food more tasty and enjoyable for me ☻

The coconut milk was smooth (of course) and so were the ingredients comprising green "worm" jelly (made from rice flour and fragrant pandan paste), boiled red beans and gula Melaka (sago palm sugar). The cendol was a good balance of flavours and it was not overly sweet.

If you or your family want a taste of old time cendol with hand shaved ice, now you know where. The stall is just beside the Maybank branch in along Jalan Pingai in Taman Pelangi☻

If you are game to try this at home, this cendol recipe by Anncoo shows you the way beautifully.

Restaurant name: Adham @ Md. Zain (mobile stall)
Address: Jalan Pingai (beside Maybank branch)
GPS: 1.482259,103.772746

Date visited: 1 March 2012


  1. Thanks Bro JK. After one salt-baked chicken I found room for the chendol which is really marvellous at $1.40/bowl....and it's really honest to goodness traditional chendol!!

  2. LOL Mike, glad you enjoyed this too ;D

  3. Today I tarpao 2 x chendols for wifey back in SG..after eating at Ah Hua, I am too full for a bowl of chendol..!

  4. Two.. haha you are such a devoted man.. ;D

  5. Hi Tony, there is another MdZain cendol mobile chain at Tmn Universiti, just beside the Maybank (probably there is a MdZain cendol for each Maybank in Johor.. :-P ) they have varieties of add-on flavors beside usual traditional cendol.

    And there is also another best cendol u can have but it will take u further to Pekan Nenas. You can find a cendol stall sit in the middle of Pontian Highway (GPS: 1.545687, 103.552196), their cendol is a good one especially in the hot days, try some with other food they sell - nasi lemak, mi hoon & coconut jelly. They also have a joint stall selling giant karipap & laksa penang, worth trying! *not sure if they open in this fasting month because I live in Tmn U & seldom going to Pekan Nenas for no reason :-)

    1. Thanks nfendy. I will try your suggestions :D


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