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Ah See Wanton Mee in Batu Pahat, Johor

It is no exaggeration to say that almost every one who lives or had lived in Batu Pahat knows about Chop See Kee or Ah See wanton mee.

This popular wanton mee shop has been around since the 1940s and generations from Batu Pahat have grown up with Ah See’s wanton mee.

While I was enjoying my wanton noodles at Ah See’s on a Saturday at , there was a constant stream of customers coming in to dine and a queue was always at the front waiting for their take-away packets of wanton noodles.

Many of Batu Pahat’s diaspora are always longing for this wanton mee. For many, coming back to Batu Pahat from all over Malaysia and from around the world, a stop at Ah See is mandatory. The aroma, taste, sight of the shop’s front, interior, the cooking area, the kopitiam chatter, and the noodles all have rich memories and meaning embedded in them.  

Ah See's self made egg noodles coated with a film of the lightly coloured, aromatic sesame based sauce were very smooth and tasty. The fresh noodles, heavy with eggs, were crunchy yet tender. Absolutely delicious – comparable to the best anywhere that I have tried.

Ah See’s large and meaty wantons are wrapped in smooth wanton skin. The smooth wanton slides in your mouth easily and the fragrant, tender pork filling melts in your mouth.

The self made char siew had a cheery red hue and was sweet.

Love it, hate it or don't care about it, Ah See is the most written and talked about wanton mee in Batu Pahat. This hilarious post by Suanie is my favourite J

If you are in Batu Pahat, you may want to give Ah See a try. It’s not just about the wanton noodles, eating here lets you in on a window to the heart and soul of Batu Pahat and its people.

Restaurant name: Chop See Kee (every one here calls it Ah See wanton mee)
Address: 2, Jalan Jenang, Batu Pahat
GPS: 1.853994,102.927668
Non Halal

Date visited: 10 Mar 2012


  1. thanks for your detail address

  2. Dear GohSH, you are most welcome. Perhaps you may like to share with us how you find it after you have tried it ;D

  3. bess in the verld... we use to call yit foh the jb ah see mi ;p
    and i notice u have yet to try the fish ball noodles ;p

    1. Missed the fish ball noodles on the last trip :P It was closed. Will try again on next trip :)

  4. Thank you for the review Johor Kaki! We just made Ah See Wan Tan Mee with more accurate coordination on google maps
    We hope this gives better direction and easier navigation to new people. If they like it, feel free to leave a review and like us on !
    Thank you again JK!

  5. Tried 16feb2014, price = RM4, noodle & wanton is not bad..
    Sauce & char siew & soup is not the type i like
    Walking distance from the bus station

  6. The mee taste so weird especially the spicy flavor. It taste like some other dimension food which makes me sick. However the normal one is much more better. The mee just taste a little more oily, didnt really have good in mouth experience and less egg taste in it. Not going to mention the pork because it taste so dry.
    Now what do I recommend is the wan tan. It is rm5 per a big bowl and it taste really good even though the soup included a lot of MSG. I would give a 5/10 and it is mainly because of the wantan.

  7. Not as good as u say...normal only...


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