Friday, 23 March 2012

Drunken Prawns @ Kong Kong Tai Son Seafood in Kampung Kong Kong Johor


Reader Muffyn Liuliu asked where did those rosy hued prawns in the header of my blog came from.

They were drunken prawns at Kong Kong Tai Son Seafood Resort :-D

Drunken prawn is one of many classic ways of serving prawns in Chinese styled seafood restaurants.

The keys to a good drunken prawn dish are live and good quality prawns; sea water prawns are the best. Good quality cooking wine and a skillful chef who can put all these ingredients together perfectly.


At Kong Kong Tai Son, all these critical elements come together to deliver a delightful rendition of that old classic drunken prawn dish. I was delighted with the first bite, and then enthralled.

Precisely cooked, the succulent flesh of the cheery rosy hued prawns was bouncy and springy to the bite. It was naturally, ocean fresh sweet.

The fragrant soup had that distinct liquor taste and aroma, which was relatively robust. The chef was rather liberal at applying his wine and I liked that :-D

View of the floating fish farm from the restaurant. Most of Tai Son's seafood are raised here. 
When dining at Kong Kong Tai Son seafood resort, remember to include drunken prawns in your order :-D

->> Enjoy live seafood and sea breeze by the sea.

Restaurant name: Kong Kong Tai Son Seafood Resort
Address: Lot 33, Kampung Kong Kong Laut, Masai, Johor
GPS1.513555, 103.999606
Hours: (Saturday)

Non Halal


Date visited: 1 Feb 2012

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