Thursday, 15 March 2012

Place of Interest in Johor Bahru: Hutan Bandar

Hutan Bandar (in Malay literally means Jungle in the City) is a scenic nature park with lush greenery.

Suitable for all ages – there are paved walking and jogging paths, children's playground, and many benches to sit on and relax.

This is a great place to chill, slow down and let the pulse and blood pressure go down.

It is clean, quiet and park users are generally considerate. The air is fresh. You can listen to birds chirp, watch squirrels play, and also hear the rumble of the traffic in the background as this is a sanctuary at the fringe of hectic downtown Johor Bahru.

There is a large pond with a fountain, ringed by mature shady trees.

There are many beautiful flowers inviting us to stop to admire them and to smell their fragrance.

There is also a small charming koi pond.

After enjoying the nature park, we can walk over to the popular food centre next to the park to have teh tarik and delicious meals.

Place of Interest: Hutan Bandar (Jungle in the City)
Address: Jalan Tasek Utara, Taman Rekreasi (opposite SMK Sultan Ismail)
GPS: 1.479856,103.742710
Hours: daily
Admission: Free of Charge
Parking: Free of Charge

Date visited: 12 Mar 2012

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