Saturday, 17 March 2012

Lontong Kering @ D’Rimba Corner Catering Atap Belian Hutan Bandar Food Centre

Reader GKS suggested that I check out the stalls in Atap Belian Hutan Bandar which are famous for lontong kering and other popular Malay dishes. (Thank you, GKS J) When I got there, I realised that there are a few stalls offering this Malay favourite.

So I walked around and hovered over the tables of other diners for a while. I noticed many customers just outside stall number 3, enjoying lontong kering.

To be sure, I asked the friendly customers from which stall they bought their lontong kering and confirmed that it was stall number 3 D’ Rimba Corner.

The RM4 plate had cubes of lontong topped with peanut gravy, fried tofu, tempeh, anchovies, coconut shreds and green fava beans, with chunks of beef rendang piled over it. 

The highlight was their homemade lontong. It was smooth, tender and has that fresh rice fragrance when you bite into it. The lontong literary “mash and melts” when you press it between the top of your tongue and the roof of your mouth. This action releases the refreshing rice fragrance. It was so good I ordered an encore but the lontong was already sold out by L

The beef rendang was saturated with the fragrance of coconut milk and spices. The aroma of lemon grass was distinct when I chewed into the cubes of tender beef.

The dollop of sambal chili was mild but be warned - it was slow acting, the spicy hot taste came slightly later. Some may find that a little too spicy but I like it hot J

I love this lontong kering and also the one by Fatimah Nasi Campur (stall number 13).

Restaurant name: D’Rimba Corner Catering (stall number 3) Atap Belian Hutan Bandar
Address: Off Jalan Abdul Samad (next to Hutan Bandar and opposite SMK Sultan Ismail)
GPS: 1.480152, 103.742974

Date visited: 9 Mar 2012

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