Monday, 12 March 2012

Nasi Baryani @ Mohd Shah in Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia

Nasi Baryani Johor

The famous Mohd Shah Nasi Baryani is one of the most written about nasi baryani shops in Malaysia’s nasi baryani Capital, Batu Pahat. (The other famed shop is Nasi Bariani Power.)

Fortunately, locating Mohd Shah Nasi Baryani is not hard. Mohd Shah is stall M14 in the Kompleks Niaga Benteng Peserai food centre directly opposite Putra Specialist Hospital. The popular food centre is along Jalan Bakau Condong near the bridge over Sungei Batu Pahat (river). Batu Pahat town has two bridges over Batu Pahat river – this is the one in the north.

The very reasonable RM6 plate comes with a big piece of mutton rendang with bone on and a large heap of top quality Basmati rice. No frills, no distracting extras and add ons. Each long grain of Basmati rice is coated with fragrant spices and ghee. The slightly nutty rice is not overly oily.

The biggest kick of eating nasi baryani at Mohd Shah comes from the kambing (mutton) rendang.

The entire piece of mutton is saturated with fragrance and flavour. The mutton is cooked many hours in coconut milk and hot spices until every fibre is infused with the perfume of coconut and spices. The delicious mutton rendang is tender and moist inside.

Nasi Baryani Mohd Shah is definitely a Must Try for nasi baryani fans.

Watch this video on Nasi Baryani Mohd Shah.

Restaurant name: Nasi Baryani Mohd Shah
Address: Kompleks Niaga Peserai, Gerai No. 14, Benteng Peserai, Batu Pahat, Johor
GPS: 1.858509,102.922218
Hours: (closed on Friday)

Date visited: 10 Mar 2012


  1. Interesting what types of food you have in your region. Thank you.

  2. Thank you a-man. I like your site and especially love your inspiring mission. I agree 110% that it is great to preserve the traditional whilst creating and experimenting with the new. Wish you and your family the best ;D

  3. I possible please locate the coordination for "Nasi eryani Mohd Shah", then everybody can find the place easily with a GPS.

  4. Wah you travel until you reach my hometown already!!

    1. hahaha Catherine, didn't know BP is your hometown. Actually, when people ask me to name some nice food beyond JB, I found myself mentioning many shops in BP :))

  5. Place is about 15mins walking for me from bus station
    Tried kambing bryani; tasted too sweet for me, not hot & spicy, a bit oily .. meat was ok
    Price = RM6.5 Date = 16feb2014

  6. Mohd Shah allegedly worked for the late Sultan of Johor before starting this stall.

  7. The stall closes early on Sat and Sun. I went on Sat at 7+pm and he was closing up. They told me they also close early on Sunday, so best to get there way before 7pm on weekends.


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