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Muar Glutton Street 贪吃街 in Muar, Johor, Malaysia

Map of Muar City Centre

Muar's famous Glutton Street or Tam Chiak 贪吃 street popular with locals and tourists alike is located along a 100 metre stretch of Jalan Haji Abu, starting from the junction with Jalan Meriam at one end to Jalan Ali at the other end.




This is the northern end of Muar's Glutton Street, at the junction of Jalan Haji Abu and Jalam Meriam. Let's take a walk down Muar's Glutton Street together.

Muar Satay

As you make your way towards the other end of Glutton Street, you will see this satay stall famous for its pork satay.

Muar Otak Otak

Muar Otak Otak

Muar is famous for its otak otak. This is one of the couple of otak otak stalls along Glutton Street.  

They say that a trip to Muar is incomplete without savouring Muar's famous otak otak. We did the obligatory and they were indeed very good. Flavourful curry spices, coconut milk and packed with tender, juicy fresh minced fish.

This is the well known O Chien stall. The oysters were fresh and juicy though they were not the extra large kind. This O Chien is the eggy, softer type, unlike the type with the crispy crust which is common in Singapore.

Muar Wanton Noodles

Muar Wanton Noodles

Muar Wanton Noodles

The wanton noodle stall is popular for their tasty fresh shrimp wantons or sui kaw. We enjoyed their crunchy noodles in tangy and spicy sauce too. 

The fried fritters or you tiao stall on wheels. Customers can have fun, trying their hands at frying their own dough, if they like.

"Drink and go" traditional herbal tea - a popular thirst and "heatiness" quencher.

"Drink and go" refreshing orange and lime juice.

The southern end of Glutton Street at the junction of Jalan Haji Abu and Jalan Ali.

Muar's Glutton Street is definitely a must visit for foodies J

Muar Glutton Street 贪吃街
Address: Along Jalan Haji Abu (between junction with Jalan Meriam and Jalan Ali)
GPS: 2.046787,102.568627
Hours: 3:00pm to 8:00pm
Non Halal

Date visited: 18 Apr 2012

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  1. Just back but time I go dont have much reference so just tembak HAHA

  2. LOL I that saw you had a lot of fun and can see that the day was very HOT!

  3. Yup is super HOT till can melt. I think next visit must stay one night LOL

  4. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate your efforts and I am waiting for
    your further write ups thank you once again.


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