Saturday, 22 February 2014

Malaysia Boleh! Jurong Point Penang Chendol Stall in Singapore


I love the chendol at Malaysia Boleh! food court in Jurong Point, Singapore.

This is the Penang style of chendol using the recipe which the Malaysia Boleh! owners learnt from the famous Penang Road hawker.


Mary, who is in charge of the chendol stall was born and bred in Penang, so we can trust her to know what is a good Penang style chendol :D

Everything is stall made at Malaysia Boleh! chendol - nothing comes in tin cans ready made or packed with preservatives. The pandan "worms" are made from scratch with pandan leaves. The same for the boiled red beans. The squeezed coconut milk is natural too.


Mary drizzles a spoonful of stall made gula Melaka syrup over the bowl of chendol.


I like the attractive looking soft green "worms" with their pandan flavour and aroma. I like to press the soft green "worms" between the top of my tongue and the roof of my mouth to mash them and make them release their pandan flavour :P

The over-sized sweet red beans were boiled till soft too. The squeezed coconut milk was smooth, creamy and sweet. The gula Melaka syrup further sweetened the icy dessert another notch. 

The ice was finely shaved so that it literally melts in our mouth. (I like my ice to be shaved fine and dislike those where the ice are like gritty sand of hard frozen water.)

I can't say how authentic this chendol is compared to the original in Penang as I have not tried chendol there before. But, I can say that this is one of the best chendols that I have eaten in Johor and Singapore.

It's a SGD2.00 indulgence that is hard to resist. (Doctor says I have to watch my sugar intake :P  )


This is the quaint looking chendol stall at Malaysia Boleh!

See that blue bicycle? It's an original from Penang. There are not many of these artifacts left, even in Penang. The Malaysia Boleh! bosses searched everywhere in Penang and brought a couple back to Singapore :D

After my Penang trip, I will update whether this chendol is as authentically Penang as the bicycle. 

In the meantime, I say just enjoy lah, if you like it :D 


Malaysia Boleh! Food Court
Address: Jurong Point II, Level 3 (at Boon Lay MRT Station), Singapore
GPS: 1.340615,103.706312
Hours: 10:00am to 10:00pm

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  1. Thanks for sharing Tony!
    We were stuck in the "West" and wondering where to dine.

    Then your blogpost appear on my feed.
    Although we did not end up eating at "Malaysia Boleh" due to long queues, we return for the Cendol. Nice Dessert !

    We will definitely return again.
    Cheers, Andy

    ps.. Unfortunately, the fried Durian (华仔) was disappointing, compared to Johor's original.
    The fillings is cold.

    1. Thanks Andy. I didn't try the fried durian in Malaysia Boleh! 华仔 is very skilful in frying.


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