Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Chai Huat Heng Bakery in Pontian, Johor 再發興餅家


After the our tasting at Hui Mian Zhi Jia, Yun Xi the fourth generation owner of the noodle house showed us around Pontian, her home town.


Our first stop was Chai Huat Heng Bakery 再發興餅家 along the main road, Jalan Bakek. I have been checking out traditional Chinese bakeries in Singapore and Malaysia, and I must say Chai Huat Heng's pastries are among the best that I have tried.


Chai Huat Heng Bakery 再發興餅家 has been around for nearly 100 years and is still very much a family business with all hands chipping in. 


Everything is handmade here at Chai Huat Heng. That's the camera shy lady boss in action :P


Even that traditional ornate red chop is applied by hand, one by one with edible red dye.


Some of the work needed a huge amount of physical strength, like kneading this block of lotus paste.


The old traditional oven has given way to these large modern electric ovens.


The freshly baked pastries (Teochew wedding cakes) just out of the oven.


We tasted some of the freshly baked Teochew wedding pastries.


This freshly baked Teochew wedding cake was simply awesome. Flaky buttery crust, moist sweet filling. Love it. 


Another wedding cake; this one with green bean filling was just as delicious.

Chai Huat Heng bakery's traditional Teochew wedding cakes are so good, that they get regular orders all the way from Singapore.

Here is Chai Huat Heng's own blog showing the range of old style Teochew pastries they make.


If you are in Pontian, it is well worth your while dropping by Chai Huat Heng bakery 再發興餅家. 

->> This is a good place to pick up some of the best traditional hand made Chinese biscuits for gifts at reasonable prices. Be sure to drop by during your next Pontian trip :-D

Restaurant name: Chai Huat Heng bakery 再發興餅家
Address: 902, Jalan Bakek, Pontian Kechil, Johor
Map (rough)
GPS: 1.479712,103.392156 / 1°28'47.0"N 103°23'31.8"E (rough)
Hours: 8:30am to 9:00pm
Tel: +607-6871285

Non Halal

Date visited: 4 Sep 2014

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